The Scenery of Tranquil Places

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The Scenery of Tranquil Places

The New Version of this story will be up at, my pen name is The 11th Hour Bastard

Synopsis : Certain places and time, combined with eventful moments. All of them create a scenery around us; each of them being interpreted in various ways according to each people. What is your interpretation? What are you to observe, to think, and to contemplate about it? After all, it's just a tranquil scenery.

Genre : Absurdist Fiction, Random



Story Index

Scenery 1 : Cold Snowflake Grey Atmosphere

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Scenery 2 : Peaceful Places to Slack Around and Relax

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Scenery 3 : A Direct Pathway Towards Drudgery

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Scenery 4 : Moments of Fear, Times of Solace

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Scenery 5 : Holidays Stretching Out Towards Infinity

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Extra Scenery: The Other Side of Heaven

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Scenery 1 :

Cold Snowflake Grey Atmosphere

Scenery 1-1 : Pouring Rain Wednesdays' Fate

Spoiler for Scenery 1.1:
Scenery 1-2 : Plumbing

Spoiler for Scenery 1.2:
Scenery 1-3 : Pork Chops

Spoiler for Scenery 1.3:
Scenery 1-4 : Bed

Spoiler for Scenery 1.4:
Scenery 1-5 : The Sun Doesn't Shine

Spoiler for Scenery 1.5:
Scenery 1-6 : French Vanilla

Spoiler for Scenery 1.6:
Scenery 1-7 : Mainstream Ideas

Spoiler for Scenery 1.7:
Scenery 1-8 : Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Spoiler for Scenery 1.8:
Scenery 1-9 : Water Fountain

Spoiler for Scenery 1.9:

Scenery 1-10 : Hand Egg

Spoiler for Scenery 1.10:
Scenery 1-11 : Cold Snowflake Grey Atmosphere

Spoiler for Scenery 1.11:
Scenery 1-12 : Hypertension

Spoiler for Scenery 1.12:
Scenery 1-13 : Somewhere I'm Missing You

Spoiler for Scenery 1.13:
Scenery 1-14 : Empty House

Spoiler for Scenery 1.14:
Scenery 1-15 : RDJTG

Spoiler for Scenery 1.15:
Scenery 1-16 : Into Sunset

Spoiler for Scenery 1.16:

End of Scenery 1
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