[Orific] Halo para Penulis2 Kaskus iseng ngeshare cerita saya nih :)

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[Orific] Halo para Penulis2 Kaskus iseng ngeshare cerita saya nih :)
permisi saya mau ngeshare nih cerita fiksi saya , minta kritik dan saran yah..soalnya ini pertama kalinya saya menulis emoticon-Smilie

Chapter 1 : The Beginning of the End

“at least the dlc came out” as I see that my favorite game skyrim is releasing a downloadable content for the ps3 console , “if only my ps3 connect to the internet , I already buy it , but then again there is no internet wifi in here” and then I heard some loud noises coming from down stair , I know exactly what the voices are , it’s the voices of a plates , and other things that being thrown by my parents , “DO YOU KNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING” and bla2 things that I doesn’t give a shit to , feeling bored and think that this world is just sucks , I then proceed to browsing finding funny stuff and interesting article , until I come crossing with FOXNEWS saying that people gone missing “people gone missing huh? , I guess that’s normal , and I think they were running from home or some shit”

I was keep scrolling the page, until I see some people posting an interesting thing on the comment saying “this is more weird than the omegle lol”. Omegle? I knew that site , it was a site where people masturbate and doing idotic things… but then I garrulously open omegle just in case I see something funny that can make my day, and then I open the omegle just to see that the OMEGLE were monitoring every video chat , I was relived of course , since a lot of people doing ‘disturbing’ things on omegle and this might be a “HitBack” for them eheh , but in any case i then proceed to discussing page to talk about stuff , chat by chat that goes by full of crap and idiotic debate , until……….… I see something really really weird

There is no disconnect boxes as usual beside the chat responsive, “what the hell happen?” I said to myself with a fear on my heart cause I knew it was maybe a hacker or a government agent watching me lol , but all that paranoid thought are ridden by 1 question from the discussion starter “Hey There ! , My Name is Nox and I want to play a fantasy game! . You see we need a human being make this game more fun, so if you are interesting with this game simply write “Dei” on the answer box bellow and then I will pick you up at your house tonight! , remember when you take this game there is no turning back.” at first I was thinking this might be a joke but my partner chatting were writing the “Dei” word and than he say “Pravda?” I know that is a russian word for “true story”.as I was about to type “NO, YOU ARE A FAGGOT” word, and then my father came in to my room without knocking first at my door “son…we need to talk” said my father with a saddened voice, “your mom and i-“ , “was not meant to be together?” I cut my father talking, “yes your mom and I already discussed this earlier and thinking this is the only way, we are divorcing. I hope you understand the situation that your mom and I were having , we doesn’t have any other choi-“ , “is that it? , well that was escalated so quickly , you are not be going to give me a long and boring speech are you?” as I was being slapped by my father “YOU TALK WITH RESPECT WITH ME BOY-“

and then my mother grab my father hand and bla bla bla , they having another fight and debate and I can see the rage on my father’s face and my mom too , and then they get out from the house while still angry at each other , forgetting about me -____- , anyway the omegle still connecting and then the Russian guy apparently already talking nonsense like “fantasy? Sto eta?” and other russian language that I am kinda understand , when I was a child I always want to go to another world like in the movies , especially the fantasy one , so without thinking any further I write the word “Dei” and then…...NOTHING HAPPENED I knew it. It’s only a bullshit and then with a rage I write a long and “inpropriate” word, cause nothing happen and then the disconnect button began to normal again and then I clicked the disconnect button with a disappointed feeling , I always knew that something like that would never happen , because something like that only appear on the movies , not on the real life , as I was turning my head around , I see some old guy with a black suite and a black helmet saying “Hello” followed by my screaming “FUCKING SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT”

”Good Evening” says the guy , I was talking to my brain to stay calm but the brain wouldn’t let me stay calm , and then the old man continue to talking “are you ready yet?” ,and then I began to realize that the old man was the nox guy on omegle or maybe someone else…. , I began to think that this thing wasn’t a joke at all , “no I am not ready yet , and can I ask a couple question?” , “Yes you can , what do you want to ask?” , “alllrighhttt , first where this “fantasy World” you mean? , Second can I bring anything? Like anything? , third are you a god or something? Cause I see in some movies a guy like you were a god but no offense god, fourth…….what will happen to me if I doesn’t want to go with you?” I see the old man were smiling as he was answering all my question , “this fantasy world is very far away from your world , no I am not a god but something else , if you doesn’t want to come with me you will die today” , apparently the last word wasn’t so nice at all and then I began to bring ALL the things that I think will be important in That World , as fast as I can , the first place that I aim is kitchen yes a kitchen , I then open the fridge and began to taking all the meat (chiken , cow , Sheep) and water all i can carry , and some “Things” for frying the meat , don’t get me wrong I am pretty sure that when I arrive in that world some bad things going happen and the first thing I’ll need to survive is FOOD yeaahhhh FOOD FOR THE WIN BABY ,

anyway I bring all the thing that I can and necessary , I see that my airsoft gun is lying around and then began to think to carry one of those , but I think that when I arrive in there and ran out of ammo where the heck I can buy the ammo? , so I put away an idea of bringing an airsoft gun , and then I remember that the ninjato sword that I just buy a couple months ago from my uncle , and it still in my room so I decide to bring it , and I see my family picture lying around on the stair , a broken family picture to be precise………….

I stare it for a couple moment, and then I remember that my father have my grandfather’s old sword, since I was not going back to this world I decide to bring it too
Spoiler for Picture 1:

so right now i got 2 swords to bring with , and then i prepared myself with a motorcycle FOX armor and some of my shirt and pants on my bag , and frying pan on my back I am ready to go and somehow my mind is telling me to bring a pen and a paper so I did …. , I can see the old man was smiling at me while saying “hold my hand when you are prepared” I began to think all the things that I have done on this world , I began to think that living on this world just wasting my time , then I grabbed the old man’s hand and then suddenly I woken up on the tube that connected to the ground , then I looked up to the right and back just to see that there is only a plain green grass and a green hills with no ends apparently , I looked up to the fronts there is a forest.
Spoiler for Picture 2:
I began to think this might be a trap and I would die in a couple moment but ….. , A notice with a hologram picture broke all that “welcome everyone” I see that the old man was on the video and I laughing at it , “the rule was same as I was informing while we are on the ship” SHIP?? WHAT SHIP?

“remember you only need to kill 500 oracle to go back to your precious world , and enjoy the fantasy world” I am still confuse but trying to be calm and thinking what the old man just said , he said that we need to kill the oracle , but what oracle? , and then I see on the left of me there’s glass tube that make us not visible by others beginning to open , and now I can see the person beside me is a teenage boy with a military equipment from what I look the weapon looks like a rifle gun , and I don’t think it was a toy gun ,

then the tube that preventing us to came out beginning to open , I see from afar that some people are running and I have no idea why they are running and the teenage boy beside me were like standing in the tube looking like an idiot like me , then I began to hear a scream from afar , I then running outside the tube just to see what happens , I see some guy eating woman alive , he eats all the thing like literally eats all the thing , it’s a really a disturbing sight to see , and then he begin to ripped the woman belly and then just overthrow everything inside the woman’s belly and then I see some other person shooting each others , it’s just a massive killing , the person beside me (who I think he doesn’t know anything like me ) begin to starring at me and then I begin to slowly walk into forest LIKE REALLY DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK , ust walking like nothing is happen until I beginning to run towards a girl who only a couple meter from me , as I was running I begin to unsheathe my ninjato sword and then try to kill the guy who trying kill the girl with his bare hand the girl screamed more louder then the first woman , as the guy quickly sees me , he stop hitting the girl and begin to attack me , I however quick enough to dodge him and then stab him in the belly but the guy persist to die.
I actually gasp when he still alive and when I stabbed him , cause this is my first time killing people on real life , my sword is still in his belly and he begin to grab my sword and pull it out from his belly and then….he falls….and I think….he’s dead....................................................................

“YEAH SWORD TECHNIQUE BITCH” said me loudly like..really loud

and then I sees the girl who apparently crying , I see that she’s really hurt , causes she is covering in blood…THANK YOU MR.OBVIOUS NOW GET BACK TO WORK , LOL , anyway I began to help her , I of course doesn’t help her in place because it’s dangerous and a lot of people killing each other in the field which is I am still not understand why , I then pick up her and then take her to nearby woods the boy with military equipment suddenly helping me , “Ya Niznayo @!#!@*#(!@&$*!@#” I doesn’t understand the rest of the word but I know the “Ya Niznayo” means “I don’t understand” in russian and I think he same as me doesn’t know anything , before we entering the woods , I look up to the left of us just to see something horrible…….the land…….no it’s not a land anymore , it’s a sea but with a red colour instead of blue , and then we entering the woods and finding some place that is safe for us , after some “place” that we think suitable for us we sit down to take a break
Spoiler for Picture 3:

the boy with military equipment however bring a medic kit and…WHY I DIDN’T BOUGHT A MEDIC KIT? , anyway he begins to heal her and then begin to lying down the girl under his bag who I think is well prepared for survival , he then say “Kto Ti?” I then began to introduce in russian (yes I can speak Russian a little) “menya zavut farrel , ya ni gavari russkizik , vi gavari anglishki? Translate : my name is Farrel , I don’t speak Russian , do you speak English?”, “Yesh I can” said the boy with a Russian accent

“Where are we? , why they are killing each other?” he continue to talking

“don’t know man , I doesn’t understand too , like you” I replied

this “dude” suddenly beginning to laugh “BAHAHAHHAHAHA………we are fucked…” lol I laugh , he then begin to staring at the frying pan at my back , “dude…why did you bring a frying pan? You know there is no fi-“ I then began to bring out the “things” for eat like : Chiken meat , cow meat and a portable stove . “shit …. , I don’t need to hunt anymore”
“Hunt? what are you talking about man?”
“yes hunt , you know…like killing animals for eat? Where have you been doesn’t know the word ‘hunt’? “ , This guy know sarcasm really really well
“okaaaay what I means exactly is …you know what? Never mind . I got a beef and a chiken which one you prefer?”

“prefer?” said the Russian boy asking me

“yes , do you want to eat or not? , because I want to cook one”

“oh , allright are you sure you want to give me your food?”

“why not?”

“nah nevermind , just give me everything , I’ll eat them”

“okay a beef then”
I began to put the frying pan on top of the portable stove and know….. , all the necessary preparation, after all cooked we began to eat like a barbarian like literally a barbarian , while I enjoying this little meat the russian guy beginning to talk
“hey man I forget to introduce my self *cough* , My name is Kurvanov but you can call me kurv
“cool name , and you can call me fox”
then he suddenly starring at me for a long time….

Long enough to make a coffee….
Long enough to make a cake…..
Long enough to spend time on Call of duty…..
Long en-

“Key-One-Double L-threeVe Seven Body?”
I beginning to remember that kurv is….MY IN-GAME FRIEND!!
“haha yeah”
“so you take the omegle chain message too?”
“hahaha yeah”
“anyway do you know that the ps4 is coming out?”
“yeah I know that , but I think we will not playing it are we?”
“….yeah….it’s kinda sad though”
and then we continue to talking nonsense about gaming while we enjoying our food , it’s really …..enjoyable though…like you are talking to your family…and I begin to comfortable with him (NO GAY BITCH) it’s just like talking to your brother….and since I was a child I always want one , a brother…. A family…. , after we done with our food we decide to have a rest and the girl still sleeping though
“I think she knows about all this” said kurv
“about what?”
“the game man , like who is the oracle , who is the bald guy with a cape”
“bald guy with a cape?”
“THE OLDMAN FOR GODAMN SAKE” lol I laugh (again)
“and…know about the ship too”
“yeah I was wondering about the ship too , why would only the two of us doesn’t know about we on board the ship”
“anyway let’s get some slee-“
“WAIT did you hear that?”
“hear what?”
“someone is coming”
kurv then immediately climbing the trees beside us for no reason -___-
“preparing my lovely wife”
kurv then preparing his rifle gun which is he hide it on his back

“NO NO NO NO NO NO NO , put the gun down man , maybe they want to help us”
“are you kidding me? , take the girl too on here , the girl is useful for us”
“oh shit…. here they come”
I began to pick up the girl and then hiding behind the tree that kurv is on and hoping that they doesn’t know I am here
step by step they getting closer to us…1,3,5,9 there is 9 of them and I don’t think they are friendly , I lay down the girl on the ground and begin to unsheathe my ninjato sword and my grandfather sword , I see that kurv already give a sign on me with his finger to not attack them , and I didn’t , I see that they’re confuse with the frying pan and all the remains food that we are eaten

“Somebody was here” said one of them

I then began to attack him because he says “kill everybody you see”

kurv began to attack from the tree and his aiming were really good as same as he was on call of duty , the guy however cut a little bit my left hand and then I screaming in pain and my reflexes make my right hand stabbed him in the eye I then beginning to falling to ground , the last thing I see is , kurv were attacking everyone on the field my sight getting blurred , and everything went black ……

-akhir dari chapter 1-
rame2 pada pakai bahasa inggris.. mantap gan! emoticon-Jempol
sayangf ane gak ada waktu yang banyak untuk sekadar translate by brain not google emoticon-Sorry

Makasih gan emoticon-Big Grin
Lol, keliatan banget ini tulisan pertama kamu

really interesting though

btw latar belakang kamu fps gamer kah?, soalnya keliatan, "omegle game" disini lebih berat ke gameplay & mengandalkan player instinct ketimbang storyline

udah bagus kok, tinggal plotline sama background storynya aja yang diperjelas
soalnya aku masih belum liat, are they really want to "finish" the game or no

Makasih gan udah mampir (:


ok , bakal saya bagusin lagi storynya (:

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 : Enjoy the little things

I woken up next morning , I see at my hand that it’s already being healed , and when I see beside me…THE GIRL IS STILL FUCKING SLEEPING , I get up , and see kurv is counting his ammo , I smile and walk up to him
“hey man , so what happen last night?”
“I am a murderer…”

did he kill all of them last night? , why would he say he was a murderer? , and I think he might be feeling guilty for killing all of them and beginning to think that kurv might be becoming crazy after he kills people. But his next word break all that.


“hahaha” I laugh a little bit
“man…you are not wrong you know … killing all those peopl-“

“yeah I know , they the one who want to kill us , so this is what I do to survive , you do the same yesterday right? , when you killed that guy”
I then beginning to remember that I also killing my first people in here

“yes , and….. I am not regretting it , anyway where is the dead bodies?”

“I thrown them there” kurv was pointing at our staring location outside the forest”
“the field is….full of dead people…, and… I see dead people” I know that is a joke but I not in the mood to laugh
“you doesn’t get it the joke did you?”

“I did , I just no in the mood to laugh” THERE I SAID IT
“anyway what did they bring”

“a dull knife , a dull knife , and….a dull knife”

“-____- that is idiotic”

“lol no they bought a sharp spear and ….”

“and what?”

“I am stuck in on of these”
kurv showing a bangle stuck on his hand

“I can’t open it but last night I see there is a guy who ca-“

when I hold the bangle it’s suddenly to open up

“I don’t know but if you press on here it will be open , and if you press here I think it will be closing” I then press the other button and it beginning to close “see?”
kurv try to do the same as I did and it doesn’t work at all
“bullshit I think this bangle only open and close for you , here use it on your hand”
“for what? Do you think I am a girl? Using a bangle? No way man no way”

“well it just for show man , and it’s look fit on you too I think”
“yeah right , give me that”
i put the bangle on my right hand and then press the stuck button so it will not removed from my hand

“in any case let’s go leave this place , you got any paper and pen?” said kurv

“for what?” I ask curiously

“for drawing a map faggot”

“drawing a map? , who are you dora?”

“I am not kidding idiot , just give a pen and a paper 1 should be enough if you have one of course”

“yeah I got one on my bag pack , hold on a sec”

kurv then proceed to drawing a map , and that is the moment I realize that kurv drawing skill is really….godlike lol

“there you go we are here , and in the back of us there is the location starter , what would you name it?”

“name it?”

“yes idiot you name it , so that we can know where is this and where is that”

“hmm how about…”
“the red sea for the starter location , and a forest 1 for this forest?”

“all right”
“let’s got then , pick up your things , I already did mine”

“K man , anyway how about the girl? We take her too?”

“of course we are , you are the one who save her , so it’s up to you”
“K we bring her, let me just pack up my things”
“wait you doesn’t want to eat first?”

“oh shit I forget to eat , well you cook again then , are the supply food is still-“

“yes it maybe can hold up until next week if we are greedy”

“if we don’t?”

“then it can stand until 10 days”

“and that is already counting the girl too?”


“we can hunting some food later”

“if we found one”

I then proceed make the preparation for the food after all cooked and then we begin to eat the food , when we are eating the girl suddenly screaming and woken up , and I know this WILL be pain in the ass


“calm down you just woke up from unconscious”

“am i? …… wait I remember you…”

“you did?”

“yes…” the girl stop talking for a moment “thank you for saving me”

“well damn well you do , because after you unconscious, you really doesn’t help at all”
the girl look down for a while with a sadden face
“ I am sorr-“

“here have one” I offering the beef to her

“no thanks i…”

“by you doesn’t eat what am I offering is disrespecting what I have done to you” I said that so she maybe she got cheer up a little , but the girl however instead of cheer up she got crying

“no no no no don’t cry I doesn’t mean it to say ‘damn’ and stuff I reall-“ said me calming the girl

“thank you for everything I knew what you means .. , you are a good person emoticon-Smilie thank you for everything ” apparently she doesn’t crying because of what I just said , she cry because I think this is the first time , that she got helped by people who really mean it to help her not because they want something from her

“no prob , so do you gonna take this beef or not?”

“hahaha I do emoticon-Smilie
I look up at kurv and see that he smiling all the time , from his face I knew that she already thinking something “pervert”


“what?” said kurv woken up from his ‘perverted’ imagination
“nevermind , oh anyway I forget to introduce my self and my friend here”
“my Name is Farrel but you can call me Fox , and this guy here is kurvanov but you can call him kurv”

the girl smile while she greeted back

“and my name is tivara , I am from Poland , I am 17 years old and-“

“stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop right there , we only want to know your name that’s all”

“well just saying so we could get more close”

“ yeah sure ‘close’ ” said kurv from afar

“anyway how old are you farrel?”

“please call me fox , that is classified”

“BAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Kurv laughing from afar “he is 15”

“yeah you too must be 15 bitch” said me to kurv

“well you know me so well”

“you guys are…young I wa-”

“I want to ask you a couple question…if you may” I cut her talking

“sure go ahead” said Tivara with smiling face

kurv look me in the eye with a serious face because I know that he is curious too same as I am.

“first how do we got here? , second who is the oracle? , and three why would people killing each other? And are we on the earth or…another planet?”

“okaaaaay , you guys doesn’t listen to the old man on the ship?”


“which is you guys are sleeping on the ship probably , anyway let me answering 1 by 1 first okay?”
we both nodding like an idiot , and I can see that tivara’s face smiling at us
“first we got here because the oldma-“

“we know that , skip that to the second question” said kurv

“second the oracle is us”

“ us? What do you mean by ‘us’ ”?

“yes us , we are a oracle , I mean not literally an oracle , but that is the name given to us from the old man , you see someone that taking the old man’s offer and got transfer here to this world is called a oracle , and in this world there is a oracle too but not like us , we human who got transferred here it’s called a oracle , but a godlike beings that inhabit here is called oracle too , and killing them is count too same as killing a earth-oracle , and third , people killing each other because some people are crazy or they want to go back to their home , and yes this is another planet or ‘world’ I think because the old man said that this place is really far away from our earthly home , oh and in this world there is a city too”

“a city?” said me curiously

“yeah like literally city and there is a country and stuff , and there’s even people living in here too , and there is a artifact only for us oracle can using it”

“what kind of artifact?” I am getting confuse

“oh I forget to explain this things too , there is a ‘artifact’ that only us oracle can using it , the artifact itself have a power in it for example one of the artifact is a bangle and have power to controlling beasts or ability to fly , each artifact have it’s own rating power depends on how often someone using it , if the artifact always been use then it’s will be stronger and stronger.”

“you mean this bangle is a artifact” said me showing my bangle off


“well we do not found it actually some people who attack us have it , so what should I do to use the power?”

“it’s a maxed tier 1 artifact.”

“tier 1?” I am getting really more confuse on this

“yes a tier 1 artifact , you see there is a 1 fully red star sign in here”

“okay” I nodding getting understand “so if the red star doesn’t full yet which is it’s not fully max tier 1?”

“exactly farrel , if the star was full it means it maxed tier 1 artifact , if it doesn’t full yet or half full which is it’s still a normal tier 1 artifact , but you can’t upgrade it into a tier 2”

“why not?”

“you can actually , but to do that , you must become 1 with the artifact”

“become 1?”

“yes become 1 , here’s the thing if you press the star button , your body is becoming the artifact and you can use magic power without putting the bangle in your body , but if you do this the artifact will be gone as the magic power transferred into the you , but the power on the artifact will be different with you”

“what do you mean?”

“for example the artifact have power to control beast , and the oracle use it to make themselves a artifact , the power will be default as the oracle fate’s power , for example my default power is to walking on the water but I can’t use it because it will need 1 artifact to awakening it , so if the power of the bangle is controlling fire , and I press the default ability button which is it’s devours the artifact , I will can walking on the water instead of controlling fire get it?”
“kinda , so if I have two bangle and each bangle have different power like bangle A have fire breath power and bangle B have frost breath power , bangle A is Tier 2 and Bangle B is tier one , If I use it instead absorbing it into me which is I can use fire breath and frost breath?”

“yes , and if you not already have a default power you CAN use them both at the same time , but if you already have a default power you can’t using it , it will only devours again by you , so it will increasing your default power into the next tier”

“which is , it’s have advantages and disadvantage right?”

“yes but I prefer making it default because no one can open and closes the artifact , only someone who have rare power can do that , and that person should be lucky enough because the old man says that the person must be have godlike default power”

suddenly kurv looking at me

“you mean like this” I then demonstrated open and closing the bangle

“oh my god , you are the one , if I were you I making this bangle default”

“why would I do that? , this bangle might be have greater power then me-”

“it’s only for healing people” said kurv from afar “I try that a couple hours ago to heal you both with it , and tivara I have 1 more question about this tier 1 and 2 , so basically if you are on the maxed tier 1 how you make it a tier 2? And of course the bigger the tier, the bigger the power right?”

“you need another artifact either it’s maxed tier or normal tier , for example right now farrel doesn’t have a default power which is he need 1 artifact so he can make himself a artifact and have a default power ,and this maxed tier 1 bangle , will make his default power awaken but still his power is on tier 1 but maxed out and it’s on progress to the next tier 2 , farrel however doesn’t need too much effort to make it tier 2 because it’s already maxed tier 1 all farrel have to do is only finding another artifact , if farrel founding a tier 1 artifact , his default power will be tier 2 because tier 1 + 1 is 2 get it? , however you cannot make it tier 2 if your tier 1 power or artifact star’s is not full yet or another bangle is the same stats as your artifact or power , if you force it , it will only make the tier maxed out tier 1 , instead of tier 2 get it? , and If farrel founding a tier 4 artifact which is imposible to find , his power will be tier 5 because 1 + 4 is 5”

“I kinda get it , but can you upgrade the artifact with another artifact?”

“no , it can’t , all the unused artifact only have a maximum tier 1”

“that’s kinda sucks but I better not making myself a artifact so I can use every power on the artifact”

“but later your power it’s will be really weak , because it’s only stays on tier 1 , but good news is you can use 2 power or maybe 3 at the same time”

“so farrel what do you think?” said tivara

“what do you mean what do I think? , of course I use it to awaken my power , because if you don’t when you die someone can take it away from you right?”

“what ever you say” said kurv with his Russian accent

I then begin to click the star button and this is kinda madness but I always dreamed about using powers you know like on the anime and video games , so without thinking it any further , I just clicked the star button and everything is becoming red , after a couple second everything went normal again.

“so do you feeling anything change? Can you feel your power? ” said tivara nervously

I sense that , my hands is really cold so I’ll try to grip my hand then suddenly …… THERE IS A FIRE ON MY HAND

Akhir dari Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : Chapter 3 : Everything Went Serious ! , New enemy or A New friend?

ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I SCREAM SO HARD OH MY GOD MY HAND….. MY HAND IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!! !*&@$^*&@!^#*!@^*&!@^$&!@$#*^@#*&!^#*&@!^#*!&@^#*!@&^%!@$%)(%*@)(#*$)!@#

“CALM YOURSELF” said kurv shaking my body

“BUT MY HAND MY HAND My Hand my hand…it’s …. , Wait, it’s not hurt at all”

“it’s because it was from your default power farrel” tivara explained

“so my default power is….controlling fire?”

“hmm, I am not sure , and I don’t think it’s controlling , can you shoot it? Or cover it on something else?”

“don’t know” I then try it to shaking my hand and pose like natsu dragneel (google Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel)

“what the fuck are you doing?” said kurv while hitting my head with his rifle gun

“Shuffling” said me with no expression face

“that joke is really funny that I can’t even laugh”

“which is you doesn’t know the meaning sarcasm kurv.”


“try not gripping your hand fox” tivara give me an advice ,
I then proceed to not gripping my hand and it’s still not gone yet

“I think it’s gonna be gone later though let’s just go farrel if we stay on this forest for a long time we will be dead in here”

“yes kurv is right we need to go” tivara agreed

“to where?” I ask them both

“north” said kurv

“south” said tivara
and then they’re both debating about go to south or north

Long enough to make a coffee
Long enough to play twitter
Long enough to play facebook
Long enough that make fire on my hand disappear

“all right north then” said tivara give up

“all righty then, farrel you prepare everything and tivara help farrel bring his supply.”

“What are you gonna do?” said tivara

“I lead , Nuff said.”

“all right so kurv is the leader and I am the second leader and I command ot-“

“there is no second leader only me all right?” said kurv while hitting his rifle gun on my head…AGAIN

“whatever you say capt” said tivara with a lame face

after everything set up kurv give me his hand gun

“if anything went wrong you can shoot them.”

“I already have a sword though I don’t need a gun anymore”

“gun is more better then sword trust me”
kurv then explain to me how to use the gun after a long explanation I am still not understand

“oh my god you are an idiot, just shoot up everything and if the ammo gun give it to tivara , she know more then you”

“K then”

“LETS GO!!!!!!!”

we walk for hours and hours , and along the way kurv just drawing a map (I think it’s his hobby) and bundling his rope on the trees , and making rock look like a arrow keys (like on computer keyboard) , I don’t know what he was doing but I think so we would not lost. After a very long walk (around 15 km or maybe more) we arrive in some of ruins

Spoiler for Image 1:

and see there’s a girl being attacked by a guy from the look of it the guy want to raped the girl , I actually already run to save the girl but kurv told me not to

“wait it could be a trap.” Said kurv cautiously

“trap? Are you crazy? That girl is in danger”

“why would you care about someone you didn’t know yet? , it dangerous to care about someone you didn’t know , remember the rule , DON’T BE A HERO , unless you need to”

“I don’t care what you just say , but I am going to save her”

I then running towards the guy and unsheathe my sword when I just about to stab the guy , the guy is already dead , someone shoot him right in the eye from nowhere , then I see someone get out from one of the ruins , it’s a girl , the girl is an asian with a black hair and using a weird school uniform and his height is around 141 cm , and far more worse is she holding a shotgun , but from the looks of it , it’s like a airsoft gun

“dare desuka?”said the girl , that is my friend is an Japanese word


“watashi wa nihon iee desu” hoping the girl understand my own Japanese language lol


“I CAN’T SPEAK JAPANESE FOR GODAMN SAKE !!!” I scream at the girl which is I regret it because the girl is aiming the gun at me, at this point the girl keep talking in Japanese and I just keep nodding hoping the girl know that I mean no harm to her

“she said that, what do you want and who are you” said the helpless girl who I want to save

“wait you know Japanese?”

“yes, I can , and she think you are going to kill her.”

The helpless girl then talking to the girl with his Japanese word

“she said not to trust anyone.”

“And that’s mean??”

“She is going to kill you.”



“I’ll try”

The helpless girl then go talk to the girl with Japanese language (obviously) , and the Japanese girl look at me and then look at her and then look at me again -___-

“she said that , she not going to kill you”

“really? Well tha-“

“but give her all of your suppl-”

“that is same as killing me, because I don’t have anything only my sword a-“

“and your sword.” Said the helpless girl

after I give her my sword then the Japanese girl pointing his gun at me and says “Gomen ne , demo anata no @#!@#%@!# shin ne” said the Japanese girl

“she says “sorry but you’ll have to die” and I prefer you start running.”

“what about you?” said me nervously because 1 shot by the girl then I’ll be bye2

“I will be okay though , this girl doesn’t want to harm a girl”

“let me guess , the girl got rapped in this world and then she got angry to all the men in here am I right?”

“I don’t know but I think you should run like RIGHT NOW”

“real man………….. Does not run” said me with a proud face, even tough I am scared to death right now.
I then griping my own hand hoping that my fire power are activated again so it can make the Japanese girl scared. And it was activated again.
“OH I dare you JAPANESE girl to try to attack me, AND I know that shotgun SECRET IS ONLY CAN SHOOT ONLY 1 TIME AT A TIME” While pointing my burning hand to the Japanese girl

and then the Japanese girl running away while holding the helpless girl

and then I hear a roar behind me , and that is the moment I realize that she’s not running away from me but from something behind me , when I look back I already flying , because something hit me

I then hit a wall and that is…REALLLY REALLY FUCKING HURT

“okay you want to play eh? How abou-“
I see that some kind of half lizard and half man running towards me , when that monster almost hit me I doing a 360* turn and then running like a bitch , while kurv shows up with tivara shooting at the lizard

“HIS TEETH IS REALLY SHARP FOX! , WATCH OUT!” said kurv from afar



“FUCK YOU BITCH” I cursing kurv from afar while running away from the monster ,the monster does have a really sharp teeth is like shark teeth and it movement is really fast , but kurv’s weapon make the lizard-human monster running really slow


“HOW I AM SUPPOSED TO KILL THIS MON-“my talk has been cut off by kurv throwing his smoke grenade ,and then everything went blurry I can’t see anything only me and my sword on the left and my fire powered right hand , I see that the monster still growling finding me ,but the monster steps is really…..loud like you can even know where is the monster without even look at the monster , step by step I walk towards the monster , and I think the monster can’t see me.
“Bang” I heard a rifle gun has been shot
“GROAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” The monster screaming in pain

“KILL HIM NOW FOX” kurv give me a signal to attack him

then with sword on my left hand, I stabbed him and with my fire powered right hand I punch him and that’s make the fire in my hand gone, and then I pull out my sword and see that the monster covered by fire…. but the monster still live. The monster is already know where I am now , As speed as thunder the monster running towards me , with all the courage I have, I stabbed him again in the face hoping the monster will be dead , as I was stabbing him in the face the monster movement suddenly stop. After I stabbed him with my sword I’ll try to rip the monster’s face, it’s really heavy to split the monster’s face but with all my guts I try to do that…and…..MY SWORD DOESN’T EVEN MOVE AND IT’S STILL STUCK IN THE MONSTER’S FACE, Meanwhile the fog beginning to disappear and I can see that kurv is already a couple meter from me

“THANKS FOR HELPING ME IDIOT IT’S REALLY HELPFULL” said me doing sarcasm to kurv

“no problem , anyway it’s the monster already dead?” said kurv while aiming his gun at the monster

“I will not wasting my ammo on this monster.” Said kurv

“try to pull out your sword first farrel” said tivara

after I pull out the sword, the monster then fall on his knees

“it’s dead”

“THANK YOU MR.OBVIOUS KURV, NOW GO BACK TO THE KITCHEN” said tivara doing her sarcasm towards kurv

I see that on the each monster’s hand or feet got a bangle
Right hand: empty star
Left hand: empty star
Left feet : empty star
Right feet : e mpty star

“look at the monster feet” , “it got bangles on it”

“yeah I can see that too fox” said tivara

“TIER 2 HERE I COME” said me with a joy

“hold on a sec fox.”

“what kurv?”

“why do you think that this bangles is for you?”
“well I got the fire element default power , so I think it’s should me who got the power but if you want to checking each bangles power go ahead”

“how about making me an artifact?” said kurv

“the risks is too big kurv , if your power is useful that would be great , but if not? , then we’re just wasting an artifact” said tivara supporting me

“well why would you put risk on making farrel a artifact then?”

“It’s not me, it’s you right? The one who said farrel should be the one who becoming an artifact”

“shit I forget so know what?”

“It’s better to make farrel a tier 2 first, because his tier 1 is already max, so it’s gonna be a waste of time”

“how about we try each bangle power first then?” said me giving a solution to them both (I think)

“agreed” said tivara and kurv simultaneously

we then trying of each bangle’s power
Right hand’s power is to talk in all language ,Left hand’s power is to rising height for 10cm ,Left feet’s power is to decreasing your height by 5 cm and Right feet is for running more faster

“eheh it’s all useless” said kurv

“not really increasing height , running more faster and talking in all language is really useful emoticon-Smilie” said tivara with a smile on her face

“so we only sacrifice the left feet’s bangle, and that’s for?”

“Making farrel a tier 2 artifact emoticon-Smilie” said tivara with a smile again on his face

“why you always defending farrel?” said kurv getting angry (or jealous)

“because he the one who save me in the first place.”

“yeahh right , me too saves you , you stupid bi-“

“hey hey hey it’s not the time for debating a small thing , how about we turning kurv into an artifact? Would that makes you happy kurv?” said me on the half neutral side of debate lol

“now’s that is what I called a fair thing, now give me the bangle”

“but farrel you already maxed out it’s gonna be wasting of ti-“

“what if kurv’s default power is to heal people? , then we could get a advantages from that”

“all right, whatever you say farrel”

after that pointless debate, kurv then pressing the star and then his eye turning into red same as me, after a couple second kurv just stand still there doing nothing.

“So….what do you feel kurv?” me asking kurv

“I feel……nothing”

“nothing?” said tivara while his eyebrows are rising

“seriously nothing lik-….”

“kurv? , what’s wrong?” said tivara afraid

“MY EYESSSS ARRRGGGHH MY EYES” said kurv screaming in pain , after a while and then he stop screaming… And then…. I see a horrible sight, Kurv’s eyeball is turning into an eagle like eyes, and then there is a batwing appear on the back of kurv’s military shirt, tearing the suit apart.

-Akhir dari Chapter 3-

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : Trying to knew the world.

“I feeling something on my back, and my eyes too, what’s happening?” Said kurv

“kurv…you better take a look at this” said tivara while giving kurv a mirror


“Calm down kurv, it’s your default power I think, make you become a devil-kind monster.” said me calming kurv

“or a batman with an eagle eyes” said kurv

“BatHawkMan emoticon-Big Grin? Said tivara

“very funny bitch” said kurv
“It’s a karma kurv , I already told you to make it farrel a tier 2 first , because we already know his default power , and your default power is still unknown , so this might could happen …. Or….worse than this.” Said tivara

“I know it was bad but atleast you can fly” said me positively “kurv, try to moving your wings can you do that?”

“I think I can though”

kurv then beginning really hard to moving his wings, but the result is … he only can flap it twice

“this is bullshit.”said kurv giving up

“maybe your eyes is emm same as the eagle?” said me making things positive (again)

“eagle?” ask kurv

“yeah eagle , you know….… eagle eye’s sense?”

“cch” kurv then trying to see around with his eyes , “it’s a normal view I think”,
”I think it’s only for show , it doesn’t effect anything” said kurv giving up

“well at least you try” said tivara

“so what are we gonna do now?” said me

“we continue our journey farrel , and…” said kurv

“and?” said me and tivara at the same time

“we make farrel a tier 2 first , we gonna sacrificing the increasing height bangle, tivara….. give the bangle to farrel.”

tivara then walk up to me and giving me the bangle

“there you go emoticon-Smilie” she smiles

I then putting the bangle on my hand and then pressing the star button afterward everything turns red again and then I can sense that my fire power is growing stronger

“so how do you feel?” ask kurv

“don’t know , but I just want to burn something”

“which is you are a tier 2 , come on let’s go , if we stay here another bullshit oracle that want to go back to their world will kill us” said kurv

we then continue our journey to the east-north I’ll try to ask kurv is this is the right the direction and he simply say “even if we wrong , we might found something.” And somehow we trusted him.

It’s been 2 days and we never found anything, just still stuck in the forest, but kurv said that we are not lost, it’s just that the forest is too big that we need to take more time to get out from the forest. After a very long walk we finally found a “sign” of civilization

Spoiler for Picture 1:

“Look!” said tivara shouting, “there is a house there!”

“so?” ask kurv

“what do you mean by “so” kurv? , of course we go there.” Said tivara

“it’s best that we don’t get near the house tivara” said kurv

“and starving to death? NO, farrel’s food supply can’t hold any longer , we can’t even survive for 2 or 3 days” said tivara

I then check into my bag just to see I only have 1 big chiken left.

“tivara is right we can’t survive for 2 or 3 days….it’s best to check the house first” said me agreeing tivara

“all right then” said kurv

we then go into the house, in the way there , we didn’t found any human / monster or any living beings , it’s like we are on silent hill and it does kinda creepy to me , because I hate silent hill.

After a short walk we then finally arrive near the house, and there is a small farm filled with pigs, cows, and chickens

“farrel , sheath your weapon.” kurv giving order to me

“why?” I ask kurv

“just in case.”

when I was just about to knock the door…….kurv is…………KICK THE FUCKING DOOR



and then there is an woman dress like a cowboy (or cowgirl?) greet us with his “cowboy” accent

“Howdy?”said the cowboy girl

“howdy howdy howdy.” Said kurv make fun of the girl

“careful we don’t talkback in here unless you wanna kiss the dirt.What do you want?”

“What do I want? , HAH? I want to take all your food an-“

before kurv finishing his talking the “cowboy” girl is already pointing his shotgun at kurv but at the same time kurv did the same too but only kurv is holding is rifle gun

“if you shoot me I’ll shoot you.” Said the cowboy girl

“no, if I shoot you on the head first.”

After a long silent situation the cowboy girl then continue talking

“all right, you win, I assume you people are oracle right?”

“How do you know?” I ask the cowboy girl

“there isn’t any half bat and half human who can talk.”said the cowboy girl while looking to kurv

“ha-ha very funny little bitch” said kurv cursing to the cowboy girl

“how about I’ll take you both inside my house , while you monster waiting outside starving hmm? , was that sound good to you?” said the cowboy girl

“I don’t really care, even if you let my friends go inside, they can still bring food from the inside to me.” said kurv

“all right let’s go in , you both must be hungry” said the cowboy girl to me and tivara

“thank you for your hospitality.” Said tivara

“no prob”

after we go to the inside kurv waiting outside with anger on his face, and then the cowboy girl closes the door, at the inside, I look around her house. Me and tivara then eating on the dining room while the cowboy girl asks us about how we came here and stuff, after a long explain by tivara the cowboy girl finally understand

“so what do you two doing next? , don’t you both want to going home?” Said the cowboy girl ask me and tivara

“actually I don’t want to go home, I like it here except the part where some people trying to kill us.” Answer me

“I like your guts kid.” Said the cowboy girl

“well thanks , anyway can we help you or something? , in exchange for taking half of your food and sleep here?” said me hoping that the cowboy girl accept the
“trade” I just made

“of course! , I mean why not?” said the cowboy girl agreeing to me

afterward I go outside bringing kurv his food, and I can see a regret on his face lol

“thanks dude , oh my god is really cold in here” said kurv

“it’s your own fault threatening the cowboy girl -___-“ said me

“yeah karma is a bitch”

and then kurv proceed eating his foods


“hahahaha” I just laugh at it because it is

“hmm , anyway where’s tivara?” ask kurv
“she’s inside chatting with the cowgirl , I think she trying to finding information about these world I think” answer me

“now you think of it , what do we will do on this world? , playing around?”

“we will live here of course and-“

BRAK ! , someone open the door really hard

“hey guys check this out” said tivara

“what is it?” ask kurv

“it’s this world map and not just that I got a good news for you gamers”

“hah?” ask me and kurv together



“look at this” tivara giving us paper

Spoiler for Picture 2:

apparently the paper is telling us how and where we can have the special power but….IT’S WRITING IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGE!!

“tivara you don’t bring a good news , you bring a half-good news =.=” said kurv

“hehehehehe……..sorry ): “

“nah it’s okay atleast we knew that this world got a map emoticon-Big Grin” said me making tivara happy

“I can translate it to English if you want” suddenly the cowboy girl that standing from behind all along beginning to talk

“you can?” ask me

“yes , tivara must be not telling you who I am isn’t she?” ask the cowboy girl

“no she didn’t who are you?”

“I am a oracle , same as you , I came from the earth too , but I came thousand years before you guys”


“wait what?” said me

“yes I already told tivara about this and we match up the year and everything”

“Farrel she came on the era of the wild western, where the Indians are fighting the cowboy and china is still using emperor.” said tivara explaining stuff to me

“do you can translate it or not?” said kurv cutting our conversation

“calm down kurv.” Said tivara

“kid you need to show respect to me” said the cowboy girl

“I will , if you stop calling me a kid , because I am not a kid , maybe you are the one who kid I mean you are like 15 years old same as us”

“no , I am 1020 years older than you kid”

“what? You’re only here for like a couple years what make you a thousand years old older?” ask kurv

“well maybe I am have been here for a couple years, but I have come 1000 years before your year” answer the cowboy girl

“I don’t understand the timeline” said kurv

“well that doesn’t matter, what matter is this “secret power” that written on this page” said me

“fine2 I’ll translate it” said the cowboy girl

the cowboy girl doesn’t need much time to translate all of it.
Here is the translation :

Vanisia Sea Killer : Vanisia Seaport
High Priest Alliance of Aeria : Central City of Aeria
Elemental Mages Of Aeria : West city of Aeria
Holy Palladin of Aeria : Central City Of Aeria
United Alchemist Union : South City Of Vretoria
Ordo Knight of Zartakan : East-South City Of Zartakan Near the front gate
Daedriac Mages : North City of Zartakan
Hunter Federation : West city of Vretoria


Vampires , Necromancery , Dark Knight , Death knight and all those “dark” things : Unliving Island (to go to this place you need to rent a ship in Vanisia by saying “Death is only the beginning” then they will take you to the unliving island

Death Maiden Sisterhood : it’s hard to finding them , the only way to contact them is to make a horizontal – vertical star and then say this word “Dark mistress hear my voice.” Note : they will not come if you are a male.

Thieves Organization : go to nearest inn in zartakan city and then say this word to the innkeeper “I need more money that I can spend for a thousand years” next is up to you.

I make this list so all the oracles can find their true purpose for living in this world. It needs 1 year and a half to create this list so I hope this can be useful

Best regard
Prof.William Richard


“hold on a second it’s like a fucking rpg they got mage , knight and stuff , i hate rpg like that” said kurv

“rpg? What is rpg?” ask the cowboy girl

“it’s a some kind of game, but you know what it’s gonna be long and boring to explaining it to you. But now I think I found something interesting” said kurv

“what is it?” ask tivara

“the unloving island got the vampires thing , and I wanna go there and fuck things up” answer kurv

“whoah whoah whoah hold it right there kurv , you know that this is the real thing right? the real vampires and demons and monster? , they will kill you the moment they see you”

“I just shoot things up with this baby with me” said kurv while hugging his rifle gun

“and that weapon won’t last long the ammo wil-“

my talk has been cut by some kind of a wyvern roaring right at us , and………IT’S COMING RIGHT AT US

“WATCH OUT KURV” I shout to kurv because the wyvern are going straight to kurv but it’s to late the wyvern claw-feet is already grab kurv and taking kurv to the sky

“FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuUUuuUUUuuuCCCCCCcccCcccc-“ kurv screaming while being taken by the wyvern

“your power is fire right? , quickly attack the wyvern, I’ll take something to get kid’s down” said the cowboy girl making order toward me

“got it” said me

“tivara. You help me”

“OK!” said tivara agreeing to the cowboy girl

and then they both go inside the house leaving me outside the house , now it’s only me , the wyvern , and my bad luck friend kurv , TIME TO GET THE FIRE OUT BITCHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!! , actually there’s nothing I can’t do… since they’re both flying in the skies -_- , but the wyvern want to take kurv away so I after the wyvern


“HOW???” shout me


the wyvern suddenly doing a 190* spinning on the air cutting kurv’s talk, while running down chasing the wyvern , I then begin to grip my hand as before , for making my hand covered on fire , and it’s work emoticon-Big Grin , now my only trouble is the wyvern , I try to throwing the fire on my hand but it’s still stuck in my hand , I just can’t shoot the fire out , but suddenly there is a girl’s voice coming from nowhere

“concentrate…… the fire is you…… , believe in what you feel , not what you see… can control it…you just need to believe that you can control it” Said the voice , I then thinking that the fire from my hand moving towards into the wyvern , and suddenly it did ! , the fire flies away to the wyvern , burning the wyvern’s left wing


“KURV PREPARE TO JUMP I GOT AN IDEA” shouted me to kurv

I then stop from running and gripping my both hands and thinking there’s a huge amount of fire on my hands and it did , and I then shooting the fire from my hands to attack the wyvern , fire by fire I keep attacking the wyvern but it’s all pointless because the fires always miss

“SHOOT RIGHT YOU DUMBASS” said kurv from above

I proceed to take a deep breath and concentrate on the wyvern , then I attack on 2 direction the first on is the left and the other is more left , and it work the wyvern avoid the first fire and then got hit by the second fire , afterward the wyvern covered with fire fall into the ground , I then running toward the wyvern and see that kurv is still alive

“you okay man?” ask me


“will do bro emoticon-Big Grin” answer me

“cch -.- , anyway when I was being held by the wyvern , the wyvern is actually- ”

and then the wyvern beginning to roaring


i actually already running when kurv is talking , I unsheathe both of my swords and beginning to beheaded the beast , when the wyvern is prepared to flying again I already holding on his back , the wyvern then flips his wing and then flying around , with all my strength left , I holding on the beast’s back because his flaps is really strong, that makes the wind around the beast bursting out , after that strongly flaps , the wyvern just flying normally on the sky , I grabbing fur by fur of the beast hoping to get to his head , after I reaching the beast’s head I holding my both sword and then prepare to cut the wyvern’s head

“NOW YOU DIE BEAST” I then slash the wyvern’s head , but it’s not that easy , the head are really strong , and it’s only cut it in half

“DAMMIT” I try splitting the wyvern’s head by keep stabbing it with my sword but it is only to make the wyvern angry , and then the wyvern doing a really fast flying thing you know like spinning and stuff and he flies more higher it’s around 1561 ft on the skies , somehow I can’t breath and everything become blurry and black , and I feeling so tired that I just want to sleep , but then there’s another voice again on my head

“use your fire.” Said the voice on my head , then I began to feel the fire , afterward there is a fire explosion burst out from my body , burning everything on the sky apart including the wyvern , and then I force all the fire on the sky to hit the ground ,I push the wyvern while we are falling from the sky , like a meteor fall into the earth , I make the wyvern body on the front of me so when we hit the ground the wyvern the one who got hit first , with a very high speed I keep pushing the wyvern until BLAM I hit the ground real hard destroying the ground with the wyvern .Making the ground to explode with a huge amount of fire coming from 1561 ft on the sky.
-Akhir dari Chapter 4-
bahasa inggris... uhhhh... berat..emoticon-Sorry

Chapter 5 :New Aim New Goal !

Chapter 5 : New aim New Goal

[Orific] Halo para Penulis2 Kaskus iseng ngeshare cerita saya nih :)

The wyvern is dead. The body is shattered, and not just that, the wyvern have a 3 bangles stuck on both of his legs and on his neck, I take all the 3 bangles and put it into my bag, when I was about to leave I see something …. Extraordinary ….. yes it was a dragon , it was standing looking at me…the dragon…for all my life I have been always want to meet one…. , I only know them from games , legends , and history but now the legendary beast have bestow in front of me…. I just stare at the dragon…..but at the same time the dragon itself looking at me…but…something unexpected happen…..the dragon is….TALKING O_O

“sum Akh Morah” said the dragon if I was not misheard

“sorry man I can’t speak dragon language or something like that” said me to the dragon, the dragon then releasing some kind of fire from his mouth , but the color of the fire is…...different it’s white-like fire with a black curve on the edge of the fire , the fire then surrounding my body…but something weird is happen….my body is somehow absorbing the fire… and I feel different….the dragon nodding at me and then preparing to fly , but before he’s fly , he say something on English O_O

“ Ava’zanak Pyro Aspect , you must go to the place called Dragon Island the King of the white Dragons Is waiting for you.”

then FUUUUUSSSSHH , he then flaps his wing then flight to whenever he’s going , I just look at the dragon again, and it’s still a beautiful thing to watch , and then I heard a voice from afar , it was tivara and the cowboy girl

“FARREL ! , ARE YOU ALLRIGHT?” said tivara with panic

“yep-” said me

tivara suddenly hugging me

“oh thank the god for that” said tivara while she is hugging me

“what did you just did?” said the cowboy girl with a serious face

“what do you mean?” said me

the cowboy girl then looking at me dead in the eye , then she said

“never mind maybe it’s just my feeling” said the cowboy girl

“farrel your glasses is broke..” said tivara

I then touch my glasses and yes it was broke , the frame is melted , but the lenses are okay.

“it’s only the frames , anyway I got a good news the wyvern I just kill is actually an oracle, here I got the bangles” I then showing tivara all the bangles I have and she is excited about it

“well apparently you just kill your first oracle , congratulation !” said the cowboy girl

“what do you mean an oracle?” said me asking the cowboy girl

“well this goddamn flying beast is an oracle , you can look at it by the bangles he got on him” explain the cowboy girl

“so you are saying that every creatures that unique like this one and got a bangle on it , is an oracle?” ask me

“yes , but sometime they have no bangle at all” answer the cowboy girl

“is dragon is an oracle?” ask me

“Dragon? What dragon? There is no dragon in here kiddo” said the cowboy girl

“but I just did see a dragon he just flew away a couple minute ago” said me convincing the cowboy girl

“Hold on farrel, let me get this straight, you just see a dragon? Here? , like big lizard with wing and tail?” ask tivara

“yes” answer me to tivara

“I heard some people talking about dragons back then before the tournament tragedy but they never have a proof that dragons is actually exist in this world”

“tournament tragedy?” ask me and tivara simultaneously

“ah yes, I forget to tell you both about the story, now come on we’ll talk some more over brown bread and stew.”

“I forget about kurv-“

“he’s fine” said tivara cutting my talk

“we found him while he was running toward us, and then told us where you were” said the cowboy girl

“allright then” said me

we then heading back to the cowboy girl house just to find that kurv is already waiting in the front of the house

“hey man you survive, I thought you are dead” said kurv

“why would you think that I already dead?” ask me

“because…emm…forget it, anyway it was you wasn’t it?, The one who created those big giant meteor fire?”

“yeah I think, and not just that I already can controlling my fire power” said me

“it’s not controlling fire” said the cowboy girl

“it’s not?” ask me

“yes it was not controlling it was something else, come on I’ll explain inside”

we then entering the cowboy girl house again I sit down and then the cowboy girl bringing us a bread and a stew as she was promised

“so what is this “tournament tragedy” , and what about my artifact power?” ask me opening the conversation

“okay this will be a long story to tell , I already told you that there is another oracle that coming first before your generation right?”

me , kurv , and tivara are nodding at the same time

“well that is where we explored the world , I met a man on the first day I transferred here , he is smart and have some determination about this world his name is Richard , William Richard”

“wait I know that name” said kurv

“yes he was the one who designed the first map , this island map and any other map, and the one who write about profession that provided in this world” Continue the cowboy girl

“hold on a sec , what do you mean by island?” ask kurv

the cowboy girl then leave her chair and then coming back with a map

“you are right here on the top right of the map, we are on the island of the first men at least that what they are calling it”

Spoiler for Picture 1:

“this map sucks it’s not even colored” said kurv

“well there is no colored ink back then you fool” said tivara

“so what is that big house on the left?” ask me to the cowboy girl

“it’s some guy like me who decide to live here , I don’t know his name but he is kinda well…..not really good at making friends , so it’s best that you three don’t go near that house”

“allright , are you know where we can get any bangles? , we need to be strong first before we go any further the island” said me

“hold on kiddo I have not finished my story yet” said the cowboy girl

“well finish it then” said kurv

“after we arrived in this world some people are you know making teammate and try to being a boss, and kill everybody who defies them, me? Well I just travelled the world with my friends”

“we take a ship to east-north and met another island that is where we met with the sea-killer team, you see an arm coming from the sea on the top-right of the map right? , that is some kind of monster that the vanisia are looking for there a lot of them on the sea, as we continue our journey we finally arrive on the capital city of vanisia they speaking on English only have a different font , the professor however keep asking the question to everybody….. that is where we finally known that we are arriving on the country of Aeria there 4 capital city on Aeria, there is Vanisia , Astakalia , Lakesun-“

“can you just give us the map about the whole world?” ask kurv

“I’m terribly sorry that I don’t have the map , but you can find it on the capital city of Aeria” said the cowboy girl

“yeah just great , we need to find it, can you believe it fox? , we are doomed”

“can you please shut up kurv? , where is your sense of wonder? , you Russian are always like this” said tivara

“whoah whoah whoah , hold on tivara you doesn’t need to be racist like that , and you too kurv we need to be patient on this , oh and please continue don’t mind these both they’re always fighting” said me

“as I was saying there is 4 capital city on aeria I advise that one of you go to the priest temple to learn about healing because it my be a saver if one of you got sick or hurt on this world , and now about the tournament tragedy , after 1 and a half year on this world the oldman created an event for every oracle on this world, and whoever win this event will get 3 wishes” said the cowboy girl

“well that doesn’t sound too bad at all” said kurv

“no, that is WHERE all the things go bad , you see everyone was so eager to win on that event because the power of the wishes are really strong , they can ask for something that out of your mind like asking turning themselves into a god, making someone who already dead live again , and can ask for unlimited wishes, but….”

“But?” said me, Tivara , and Kurv at the same time

“but you need to join some guild before you enter the tournament , guild is something like group that you can join on this world , all the guild maintain a base on the BlackBane country and not just that the tournament were start there too on the BlackBane and there is 3 category you can join on the tournament , the kill , the surrender , and the loss , the kill is you need to kill your opponent to win the game , the surrender is you need to make your opponent surrender , the loss is you need to make your opponent loss on something like you need to beat your opponent until they cannot fighting any longer. And that is where the nightmare begins , there is 3 guild that are …… evil if you could say it that way , they are lead by a stronger oracle , some people called him the “god” because of his artifact power, and after that tournament were announce by the nox , the god and his guild joined the tournament and win the three category”

“well that doesn’t sound bad at all” said kurv

“no you are wrong, THAT IS WHERE THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS, his wishes are that all the oracle that have an artifact power DIED, he wishes for more power , and he wishes that he can use every bangles even though he is already an artifact” , “and that is where William , and any other friends died , million oracles are died because of that……and I think I am the only one that still live , and tell you the story”

after that the cowboy girl beginning to cry , tivara of course pat her while hug her me and kurv just sit there and…can’t say anything and then tivara bring the cowboy girl to her room , and we do not say anything for a couple minute , its just silent feeling the whole room then kurv suddenly standing up from his chair

“I will kill that “god” person and bring JUSTICE TO EVERYONE” said kurv

“whoah whoah whoah hold up kurv we doesn’t even know where he is? , and doesn’t even know anything about this places, and he is really strong I bet that he just snitched you like a bug” said me

“I don’t care about that, as long as that bitch still alive I won’t just standing here doing nothing” said kurv

“but you are standing here doing nothing” said me doing sarcasm


“well that’s some nice speech you got there” said me “allright then, if you say so I’ll come with you let’s bring that “god” person into our knees” said me

“hey you both better shut up , don’t make it like it sound easy” said tivara while walking towards us

“well I actually just following my leader so don’t blame it on me” said me

“well it will be easy , all we have to do just train and more train and then we gonna get stronger” said kurv

“yeah right , you don’t even can get out from the wyvern’s feet , if farrel did not save you earlier you already dead by now” said tivara

“it’s fox tivara not farrel , anyway tivara got the point , we are still weak kurv we need at least tier 5 to kill that man”

“which is I need 4 more bangles and you only need 3 more bangles , it’s easy to find them right?” said kurv

“I actually already got three” said me
and then I show to kurv all the bangles I have

“*whistle* look at all those pretty little things , all right so we just need to click all the star button right?” said kurv

“you idiot you need to max out your current tier after that you can click the star button to increasing your level tier” said tivara

“how do we know that our current tier’s power maxed out?” ask me

“that…..em….i don’t know d:” said tivara

“-_- , so what now? , we really doesn’t know anything.” Said me

suddenly there’s a voice coming from behind of us

“you can use this , it was to check your current tier power”

it was the cowboy girl who apparently already stop crying

“well well well , you are feeling better already?” said kurv

“yeah , I just still can’t believe it , but that is the past , and now is now , and I think I must help you three to pay my debt for prof.william” said the cowboy girl

“HELL YES” said kurv

“you hold this on your hand after that there will be a power meter shown up and the name of your artifact power” said the cowboy girl to kurv

kurv then click the button , and then the power gauge meter were increasing significantly and it’s only increasing to 98% before it was maxed so right now kurv is a tier 1 with 98% gauge and the name of kurv’s power is…..”The Living Darkness Of The Hunt”

“what kind of bullshit name is that?” said kurv

“which is your element are darkness, I suggest you becoming a vampire and-“

“hold on , a vampire? Are you crazy? , if I see a sunlight then I would be dead that is stupid” said kurv cutting the cowboygirl talk

“well you are not gonna be dead idiot, you will only feel burned , but no literally” said the cowboygirl

“and how about drinking blood and stuff?” continue kurv

“well you don’t , it’s only a myth , look my some of my friend are becoming a vampire in here and he doesn’t even give a shit about sun , blood , and onions so if you afraid of becoming a vampire you better say so instead of mocking the vampire’s name” said the cowboy girl

after that kurv doesn’t say anything just stand still like a statue

“I’ll take that as a yes, you are afraid huh? , anyway you there kid , now is your turn, push this button and then you are ready to go”

I then pushing the button and the power gauge is increasing it’s stop at 100% , and that means is my tier 2 is maxed out I just need to click 1 bangle then boom I got to tier 3 and the name of my power is “Fire Aspect” was that suppose to mean?

“fire aspect? , well that’s weird I think it will be a “UNDEFEATABLE FIRE” or “THE GREAT FIRE BENDER” or “OH MY GOOD LOOK IT’S A THE GREAT AND UNDEFEATBLE FIRE BENDER” something like that , instead I got this “fire aspect” thing -_-“ said me

I was expecting to hear the cowboy girl talk but she don’t she just stand there and stare at it like it was seeing some ghost

“you…..are….an aspect? , but….that is impossible…..” said the cowboy girl

“what do you mean it’s impossible? , so my power is unique, weird , or……..something else?” ask me

“no, an aspect mean you are above all the other power even your above element”

“hah?” said me confusedly

“let me explaining it to you , of course we know that fire weakness is water right? , and sun is more stronger than fire right?” said the cowboy girl

I was nodding

“so?” ask me

“well an aspect is above all that even though you are a fire , of course it will be different if you got a normal fire power”

“hold on a second so you are saying that some element or power that have a name aspect in it can defy the element law?”

“yes, your power are not just ordinary fire is an aspect of fire , and of course there are other powers that have an aspect name on it like water aspect , fighting aspect-”

“enough , I already know how much stronger I am HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” said me

“allright so we know that what our power truly are….. , now the problem is only you tivara you haven’t take your artifact power” said kurv

“what? , do I have too? If I take the artifact power we will never know what the bangle power will look like and can’t using it” said tivara

“I got something to make the bangle work without an pure oracle so don’t you worry” said the cowboy girl

“…....hmm…..allright then”

I then taking one of the bangles on my bag and place it to tivara’s arm and then tivara click the star button then FRRUUUUUUSHHHHHHHHBOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMCRIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG everything is becoming light as the sun that we can’t even see after that I see that tivara’s hand is…shining?

“oh my god…..…what happen to my hands?” said tivara

-Akhir Dari Chapter 5-

Chapter 6 : Team Work.

Chapter 6 : Team Work.

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Chapter 6 : Teamwork.

“my hands? , please don’t tell me that my power are becoming a lamp DX” said tivara

“no it was not tivara, can you try to move your hands?” said me

tivara then moving one of her hands and Fusssh the light that was on the palm of tivara goes flying into one of the walls and then BOOOMM on of the walls is exploded

“oh my god” said tivara while covering her mouth with his hand “I didn’t mean that , sorry….. d: ”

“no it’s okay it was an accident right?” said the cowboy girl “give me your hands girl”

the cowboy girl then grabbed tivara’s hands and then see if there any damage on her hands

“well apparently that light doesn’t hurt you” said the cowboy girl

“fiuuhhh thank the god for that , anyway it’s my turn”

tivara then pushing the button and the power gauge increase to 2% and the name of her power are “The Holy Light Of Kindred Judgement”

“well the holy light was a good part expect for the kindred judgement part” said me

“does this mean I need to go to the priest thing on aeria city?” ask tivara

“apparently yes , well I suggest you go there , now for you….i think you can go anywhere since your power is an aspect” said the cowboy girl

“how about me?” said kurv

“you got to go to the unliving island” said the cowboy girl coldly


“I heard that there are only girls vampires on the unliving island and all of them is still “untouched” so if yo-“

“TO THE UNLIVING ISLAND THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” kurv then suddenly running outside

“hahaha” laugh the three of us

“so I think this is an good bye then” said tivara

“what? , you will go right now? , why not tomorrow?” ask the cowboy girl

“we doesn’t want to getting left by any other oracle so we need to be strong” said me

“I see…..well at least bring the artifact power gauge meter and this”

the cowboy girl then giving us some kind of a gun

“you put the bangle in here and then if you click the trigger the power of the bangle will shot at the oracle the name of the bangle’s power will be projected here” said the cowboy girl while pointing out where and where

“so we can get more power? others than our default power?” ask tivara

“yes , and bring this tent too and some of my food and-“

“so how about we increasing the level of the bangle with the gun?” ask tivara again

“you can’t , so when you got the bangle , it’s the power of the bangles when it was put it on the gun” explain the cowboy girl

“all right….thank you for everything then” said me

“it will be my pleasure actually but your welcome , oh anyway you better go here and here and here ,that is where all the beasts oracle hold up” said the cowboy girl while pointing on our first island map

“thank you again truly” said me

“ok , you both be save then” said the cowboy girl

after that we continue our journey to the west-north we go to the beach to kill another monsters oracle , all the way there kurv just practicing how to move his wings and say that how badass he will be while he was a tier 5 and becoming a dark knight or a death knight while he was on the unliving island as for I was kept thinking where the hell that voices coming from and dragons island, as we walk it’s already almost night so we decided to make the tent , and the tent making the tent is harder than it’s looks thank the god that tivara knows how to build one so with tivara becoming our guide me and kurv are making the tent after 1-2 hours we finished the tent


“well not to me , but it’s kinda exhausting though” said me

“you both need more exercise” said tivara

“can you see my belly? Look at all my muscle my SIXPACK MUSCLE!, so what do you mean by I need more exercise?” said kurv

“yes you are, I mean look at your arms it’s really skinny, your stomach might be strong but you arms are really weak , I mean look at farrel now that is a fine look” said tivara

“hahahahaha very funny, your sarcasm is getting better everyday isn’t?, anyway I need to get some sleep” said me

“well me too” said kurv

“time to hit the sack then” said tivara

I then turning the bonfire off and go into the tent , the tent however is really big, like it can fit up to 10 people or more , so I sleep on the edge and kurv is sleep on the front next to the outside while tivara is on the middle

“good night you both and have a nice dreams” said tivara

“emmm…you too” said me
tivara then suddenly hugging me

“aaahhhhh you are so sweet , you are like my little brother except you are more kinder and more nicest then he is”

“*coughing*” kurv then suddenly coughing really loud from afar

“the burns…it hurts…” said kurv

“what burns kurv? , are you hurt or something” ask me

“no , just someone around me is having a burn inside their heart” said kurv

“I don’t get it” said me

“hey stop it kurv, don’t mind him farrel, just sleep already you need your strength for tomorrow” said tivara

“oh my god how many times do I have to tell you? , call me fox” said me

“aaaahhhh you are so sweet when you are angry” said tivara while pinching my nose

after that I try to close my eyes and trying to sleep……but BAMM I open my eyes because tivara is talking again

“hey emm..farrel , can I be your big sister?” said tivara

“hmm? , yeah whatever please tivara stop talking I need to get some sleep, you the one who said it right?” said me

“oh yeah….i forget….good night then” said tivara

that wind on that night is really smooth it’s cold but not too cold…

I wake up on next morning and see that kurv is still sleeping and tivara is hugging my right arm while she still sleeping I then trying to remove tivara’s hand from my arm but apparently that was a wrong move because she is wake up because of it

“mmmm?” said tivara moaning “is it morning already?” continue tivara

“yeah it is….. come on wake up help me get the food ready”

“allright then” said tivara

when we were about to get out from our tend tivara suddenly……..KICKING KURV ON THE FACE WITH HER FEET

“what-are-you-doing?” said me to tivara

“nothing :E”

“-_- it’s better that you are not disturbing him” said me

“allright allright ._.” said tivara

I then gathering some rock while tivara is gathering more wood to burn while waiting for tivara to came back with the woods I check the three bangle that I got from the wyvern to see what their power will be , I was expecting to get the power for flying and stuff but this is what I get

the first bangle : Making everything you jump more higher (it’s only 5 cm high -_-)
the second bangle : making everything turns to white (seriously doesn’t this even needed?”
the third bangle : knowing all the language

after that checking she came back with the woods , i then arrange the rock so it will hold the frying pan , after that with my hand I’ll burn all the woods that tivara already carry and then preparing for the food , while me and tivara are eating kurv suddenly wake up

“morning” said kurv

“morning too (:” said tivara

kurv then joining us to eat after that we clean up the mess and so we putting the tent into kurv’s bag , we then continue our journey to the north-west , after a long walk we see some other people are fighting a some kind of lizard , it’s like the same lizard we fighting at the ruins but it’s more smaller , i see that only 3 people are fighting , the rest of them is already dead I assume it was the lizard who did it

“should we help them?” said tivara

“no , it could be a trap , after we help them then they suddenly attack us” said kurv

“I’ll take my chances” said me while running towards the lizard

i making my right arm boosted by fire so the hit power will be strong and then jumping from the cliff , I direct my punch into the lizard and BLAM I hit his face making him to fly away a couple meter , and then the lizard try to get up but he can’t , I take this change to stab the lizard in the head.


I then pointing out both of my sword to them

“who are you” said me with a cold face

“whoah easy dude, we come in peace” says the man

they are using a rags shirt and not just that they are like a beggar and bam on the street that I used to see, suddenly I heard some voices from afar, and it was tivara running toward me

“fox I don’t think these are bad people , who are you guys?” said tivara

“my name is john , and this is my two friends aela , and Klummek we are running away from the place where they called it paradise , but it was not at all, it was hell-like place”

“where exactly is this “paradise place” and how would you know it about the place?” said kurv while pointing out his rifle gun to their head

“it’s east from here you will see it because it was big , and you can see a thousand of peoples living there , I just come on this place by a ship , and-“

“yeah we know because we are too” said me

“wait you are an oracle?” ask the guy

“yes we are, why?” said kurv

“I thought all the oracles was on that “paradise place” because some people are gathering all the oracles they say that place will be only peace and fun and and heaven they promise us heaven but what do we get? , our friends got rapped my wives got raped, and not just that they kill everybody who running away from that place” said the guy while crying

“why wouldn’t you fight back?” ask tivara

“we can’t they have the weapons, they have everything and not just that their leader have some kind of power that can shoot electricity” said the guy

“artifacter” said me, kurv , and tivara simultaneously

“please let us go? , we just want to run away from that place and the guards are still pursuing us” said the guy

“of course you can” said tivara

“from this beach I advise you three go to the east-north by the sea, there’s a city in there called Aeria that is an safest place, because on this island there’s nothing only but an monster like that one” said kurv while pointing out the lizard

“but how do we three pass the sea?” ask the guy

“steal boat , make boat?” said kurv

“hey why don’t you three kill the leader of that paradise island? You can save a million innocent people” said the girl on the back of the guy

after that the guy in front of us grabbed the girl angrily and then whisper something on her ear and I can see that the girl were saying “why? , but why? , they could help us , they look like strong , but but” and stuff like that

“thank you for the help we will some boat on that paradise island and-“

then I can see that some people using an armor and holding a spear coming to us

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” said one of the people

“you cannot run away again this time” said one of them

“oh no it’s them what we gonna do-“

“we’ll handle them” said kurv cutting the girl’s talk

“trying to be a hero huh? , boys attack that kid with a batwing on it”

“TIVARA ! , FARREL ! , LET’S ATTACK THEM” said kurv giving order

“GOT IT!” said me and tivara while nodding together

somehow kurv dropped his weapon and then grabbed a knife from his backpack and after that FUUSSSHHH he’s flaps his wing and then flies towards the enemy and stab them in the helmet with his knife , tivara then shoot on of the guard with his light power and instead of exploding….IT’S FUCKING HEAL THE ENEMY !


“sorry d:”

I then running toward the healed enemy and tries to attack them, and when I was about to slash their body the enemy hold my attack with my spear , some of the enemy is already behind me and preparing to stab me I dodge the guard and then take my sword to kill the guard behind me , and then the enemy just dodging my attack , and then the other enemy beside me successfully slashing my body thanks to the fox body armor It’s not that bad after that I using my fire power to making explosion around me then BOOOM all the three enemy were flies off to nowhere there are only 2 of them left


tivara then running toward the enemy and shoot them with his light I did the same but only with my fire , both of our attack was about to miss but suddenly kurv flying toward the enemies and then grabbed them and then throw both of the enemies into our power and then BOOOM there’s a very huge explosion that making the enemy turn into the dust

“well that’s the last of them” said kurv

“what about the flying one because of farrel’s explosion?” ask tivara

“with that amount of fire and the distance of flying? , I assume they’re already dead.” Said kurv

suddenly when we looking back the three people is already gone

“where did they go?” ask tivara

“doesn’t matter , what matter now is we know there’s a bad guy that need to be beaten up in here” said kurv

“I agree” said me

“look at the lizard it got bangle on it”

“cool” let see what It does

the lizard whoever only got 1 bangle on him and the power is just for knowing all language

“we already got 2 bangles for knowing all the bangles” said kurv

“so? , it’s enough for three of us” said tivara

“yeah tivara Is right , we just use the gun that the cowboy girl giving to us , so we can talk to other people that living on this world without learning their very language” said me

we then taking all the 3 bangles for learning every language after that we absorb the power with the gun, after that I take the making everything turns black bangle so I can reach tier 3

“whoah hold it right there, we haven’t know what this bangle power is” said kurv

“it’s unimportant , it’s only making everything turns black , it’s better that we sacrificing this bangle” said me convicing kurv

“allright then , anyway tivara give me the power gauge meter please I want to check if I already maxed out or not” said kurv

“here you go” said tivara

while kurv is checking his power gauge meter , I pushing the star button on the bangle making everything I see turns red again and I can sense the power of my fire is growing more stronger

“ah come one it’s still 99% YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME” said kurv

“patient kurv it’s not easy to rise the power meter” said tivara calming kurv

“but farrel is already tier 3 , this is not fair at all”

“because he is always using his power , maybe if you using your wings you power might be increasing more faster then he is” said tivara

“how about we train our power here? , we already got the bangle to making our power to the next tier” said me giving advise

“we can train while we are finding another bangle? How that sound to you?” said tivara

“allright then” said me

kurv then making the X mark with my red pen
Spoiler for Picture 1:

“there you go, only 6 more places to go” said kurv

“so the X mark that you just created mean that we already killed an oracle there?” ask tivara

“it’s obvious idiot” said kurv

“I dare you call me idiot again 1 more time” said tivara angry

“oh yeah? What you gonna do? Crying?” mock kurv

“knock it off ! , Both of you” said me making peace between them

“fine fine……………………….idiot-“

then BAMM tivara hitting kurv’s face with his light power making him to fly for like 3 yard

“K…..Apparently you want to do it the hard way…..” said kurv from afar
then FUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSHHHHH he blast his wing so fast that I can’t even see it, suddenly kurv is already in front of tivara , just about kurv wan to hit tivara I block him so I the one who got hit by kurv , BURRRRRGGGGGGG kurv hit me on the belly , I can feel that there’s a water coming out from my mouth when my hand holding to check it , it was a blood , I then feeling dizzy and then falls into the ground , I can hear that tivara is screaming and kurv is saying “ MAN MAN ! , ARE YOU OKAY? SORRY MAN I DIDN’T MEANT TO-“

“nah it’s ok….*cough* , why did you attack tivara man? We are 1 team remember?” said me

apparently kurv and tivara did not say anything just stand there watching me

“look….i know that kurv’s talk sometime emmm not to good to be heard, but he doesn’t mean that, he doesn’t even know what he was talking, and tivara…I know you are a woman but you must change your attitude about your sensitiveness AND feeling…..sometimes it’s better to think about something rather feel about it...........”
“what I am trying to say is……people are not perfect… you can’t expecting someone to say something right all the time..……”
“and more importantly….we are family…..”

apparently my last word making both of them feel better

“yeah……you are right farrel….i’m sorry kurv….” Said tivara

kurv still didn’t not say anything

“kurv, even though I only know you from the virtual world… , but I know you more than anything I can know…, you already like a brother to me” said me

“OK OK , YOU BOTH GOT ME , I AM SORRY ALLRIGHT? , NOW CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT UP ABOUT IT?” said kurv while he was facing the sea

“hahahaha” me and tivara then laughing and then kurv joining our laughing…..and then I heard a some applause and footstep coming from the back of us.

-Akhir dari Chapter 6-
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Chapter 7 : Don't Be A Hero.

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Chapter 7 : Don't Be A Hero.

“you three did a great job killing that lizard, but apparently you three must come with me for killing my guards”

it’s a girl’s voice coming from behind of us

“who are you?” ask tivara

“is it really matter to you? , anyway kill the girl, and bring those who can controlling fire and have a batwing on his back.”

then there is 20 guards coming right at us

“what should we do?” ask tivara

“come on we can take them on” said kurv

“no kurv, we need a plan of an attack “ said tivara

“I got a plan…….ATTACK” said me

then with all my strength left in me, i making both of my hands on fire and spinning around to make a fire tornado, which is every spinning that I make the fire is getting bigger and bigger after it’s big enough , I blast it into the remaining guards and FUSHHHH all of them were flying around the tornado while being burned by them , but apparently that power is taking to much of my power, I falling into the ground almost unconscious , but tivara help me getting up and healed me a little bit

“so what you gonna do know huh?” said kurv

I can see that the girl have 1 bangle on her right hand and then there is some kind of a screen in front of her and then the girl talk to the screen

“fall back everyone fal-“

before the girl finished her talking, she’s already being shot by kurv on the head

“let’s just go and leave her here, if we stayed here maybe more of them will come at us, ” said kurv

“agreed , we need to go.” said me while taking the bangle from the dead girl

“well, you can’t go on with your current condition farrel.” said tivara

“so what should we do now?” ask me

“how about we go back to the cowboy girl house? , it’s the same direction as the next oracle right?” said kurv

“all right then.” said me

we then continue our journey to the south where the cowboy girl live, but….something unexpected happen……the cowboygirl’s house is already burned down and everything is destroyed , we search for the cowboy girl on the wreck , we didn’t found anything even the remain of the cowboy girl

“I GONNA KILL WHOEVER DID THIS” said kurv with anger

“take it easy kurv w-“

“I think I know who did this” said me

“who?” ask tivara

“the one who makes the paradise thing, the first earth oracle who came here before us.” Said me

“what do you think he’s the one who did it?” ask tivara

“if it is not him, who else then?” said me

“well maybe from…… you know oracle that got angry or something?” said tivara

“no I don’t think so, anyway the best thing we could do now is making our power more stronger.” Said me

i then start to walking to the south-west where the next oracle wait but kurv didn’t move a bit he just staring at the wrecked house

“come on kurv” said tivara “forget about her, she might be hiding or something don’t automaticly assume she is dead.” continue tivara

“yeah tivara got the point, we need to move on.” said me

“whoever did this……they will pay the “dark” price for it” said kurv while leaving the wrecked house

we then continue walking to the south and in the way there, we three are concentrating on maxing our tier and kurv is already at his maxed tier and then guess what? , WE ARE GONNA ENTERING THE FUCKING FOREST AGAIN WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOfuckthisshit

“well in this map, it tells us, that the oracle was near this forest so…LET’S GO !!!!” said kurv giving us some “spirit”

“kurv don’t move a bit” said me while putting a bangle into kurv’s hand
kurv then click on the star button making him a tier 2 artifact

“so how do you feel?” ask tivara


FUUUUUUSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH kurv then flapping his wing making him flying on the sky

“WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” said kurv while spinning and doing backflips on the skies

“he’s really happy isn’t he?” said tivara to me

“yeah he does”


“ALLRIGHT !” said kurv from above , he then like a eagle flying down toward us then make a perfect landing like a plane

“wooah that was great I can’t believe I can fly like that and not just that , this eyes is a miracle I can see from afar, like you can zooming both of your eyes like a fucking camera WOOOHHOOOO, I am not regretting getting this power” said kurv

“yeah but we got no bangles left -_-“ said me

“well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go and find more of them” said kurv

after a long walk we finally arrive on the star mark on the map, kurv then scouting for us from above to search some oracles

“FOUND ANYTHING?” said tivara shouting from the ground

kurv didn’t say anything he just flapping his wings on the sky, after a long pause he’s finally go to the ground

“we need to move. There’s a some people fighting around 4 meter to the north from here” said kurv

“should we help them?” said tivara

“yeah, the last time we help someone we got into a trouble so we better just go” said me

“how about we just spying on them?” said kurv

“i agree” said tivara

“all right then if you two says so”

we then sneaking up behind the trees and see there is 21 peoples VS 50 Peoples and not just that, I can see from afar there is the 3 peoples who were running from the paradise hell thing, fighting the guards there

“we really should help them” said tivara

“I don’t think that was a good idea” said me disagreeing tivara

“no fox , we really should help them, we might get something from them in return for helping them” said kurv

“allright what ever you say” said me

kurv, tivara then charge into the fight while they both fighting the guards I just walking slowly toward them because of my injury, it don’t take long for them to take all the guards down, but that’s not the problem, the problem is where some of the people we helped ask us to give them all of our supplies and want to taken us as a prisoner

“or… I can kill all of you right now.” said kurv

“wrong answer” said some of the people while shoot kurv at the right shoulder

“AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGH” said kurv screaming on the ground

“NO KURV!!!!!!” said tivara while shooting some kind ball of light from his hands to the leader, then BAMMMMMM the leader were fall into the ground , while the remaining people in there start running, and leaving us in the forest

“AAARRRGGHH” Scream kurv in pain

“STOP SCREAMING KURV” said tivara calming kurv

“tivara you better heal kurv with your ability” said me while searching for bandages in kurv’s backpack, and then I take kurv’s knife for taking the bullet out of his chest

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” ask tivara panic

“we must take the bullet out or kurv will die” said me


“no, but I’ll try”



“are you sure? , with your condition like that I don’t think you can do it kurv ” said me

“JUST FUCKING TRUST ME” said kurv screaming

tivara then stop healing kurv , so kurv can take the bullet from his right chest, kurv then cutting the side of shooted part and then begin to take the bullet out with his knife


after a couple tries, then the bullet finally out from kurv’s body, after that kurv begin to unconscious

“tivara you stay on healing kurv while I will preparing a tent over there, beside that giant trees ” said me while pointing out the giant trees

“allright” nod tivara

after a couple hours preparing the tent, the tent is finally finished, and then me and tivara trying to humping kurv to the tent, so he can sleep. I take a couple woods from around the tent and then making a small bonfire outside, me and tivara just sitting there outside surrounding the bonfire.

“a lot of happened today……, don’t you think is a karma for fighting the first guards on the first place?” said tivara

“……i don’t think so, we just want to help that’s all” said me

“I wonder if kurv is okay…” said tivara

“he is gonna be all right, don’t you worry him, beside you use your magic to heal him for a couple hours, so he’s probably fine” said me

“yeah you probably right…..”

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………only silence that night…………………………...i mean not literally, you can still hearing the sound of crickets and some animals………………..

“I probably get some sleep” said tivara

“all right then……” said mea
“Are you coming or what?”

“no…..i just……...guard here in case something happen” said me

tivara then standing there looking at me a couple second and then smiles at me

“k then…,but don’t push yourself too hard…” said tivara

I just answered tivara with a smile on my face, tivara then enter the tent

“good night farrel” said tivara a little bit loud

“night too” said me

I then lay down on the sweet grass while starring at the sky……….

“It’s been 2 days I have been in this world….” Said me to myself

still I haven’t finding something interesting in here except for the wyvern , a big lizard , have a fire power and...dragon........dragon..............dragon.......dragon....... that word kept swinging on my mind…..and then fussssssh I sleept…….....


“WHA-WHA?” I woken up by some noises,

“what the hell is that?” said me

I look up inside the tent and see that tivara and kurv is still sleeping

“maybe it’s just my imagination…., I better go to slee-“

“it’s not”

suddenly there’s a voice on the back of me, when I look around I can see there’s a…..DRAGON BEHIND ME

Spoiler for Picture 1:

“greetings fire-master” said the dragon

“wait you can speak English?” ask me

“english?……, I do not known that kind of language, but i have learned Lacrilitic language so i can speak with you human race....”

"ah i see, so we have the same language……., so……. what makes you came here, oh mighty dragon?"

"I came here just want to see you with my own eyes……, and apparently the rumors......are true"

“rumors? , what rumors? And who are you exactly?”

“Rumors about the first born of Frakaras….. or the fire itself…….first let me introduce my self, I am the dragon king of the black mountain. And you fire-master is a….. Fire Aspect……” said dragon

“yeah I know I know that my power’s name is a fire aspect, but what it has to do with you and the rumors?”

“you apparently doesn’t know yet the meaning of ‘aspect’ truly is fire-master”

“yeah yeah I already know that, an aspect can defy the law of element and have a greater power right?”

“yes….. but it is more than that fire-master….., an aspect mean that you are the element itself , it means when you die….the fire will be die too….”

“well that doesn’t sound too bad-“

“no fire-master, when I say the fire will be die it means die as vanish….krosis…..into the void…..there will be no fire at all…cannot be created…cannot be summoned….even magic can’t make them..…”

“well that’s interesting……… so why do you came here?, beside wanted to make sure that the rumors are true of course”

“I came here to make you an offer” said the dragon

“what offer?” ask me

“as you can see…..….we dragons are……’allegiance’ to fire if you could say it that way”

“so?” ask me

"our ultimate power is fire….if fire have gone from this world then….we will be gone too….”

“I thought some dragons can breath frost and other element too”

“yes…they were……... and as for my kind…..we…..will perish….as you are perish….”

“well,l the point is I should not die right?, I though oracles were immortal”

“they are fire-master…..but they are not immune to physical attack….am I right?”

“yes” say me shortly

“as does us…fire-master….we dragons too..….immortal…but if someone cut our heads or stab us in the heart we are no longer immortal.....we will die…and eventually rotting in the ground….”

“so what is this ‘offer’ you want to give me?”

“you must be aware of there is another dragon who come to you the other day….”

“yes and he told me to go to the dragon island…why?”

“he wants you to come to the dragon island, just so he could kill you” said the dragon

“kill me?, why would he kill me?” ask me

“he wants my dragon-kind to be perish…., you see……we dragons…is actually on a war right now…..and since the day you came… are our only weaknesses…so i must protected you from all of the dragons who come from the dragon island…” said the dragon

“so why he didn’t try to kill me yesterday?” ask me

“you are too strong….., the wyvern you just killed yesterday is sent by them, but apparently the wyvern have taking the wrong person….”

“yes the wyvern was taking my friend instead of me……how do you know?”

“because i spying on you of course…..i actually want to speak with you before the dragon-island dragon does ….but they speak with you first…..if I showing up my face yesterday they will immediately try to kill me…..for I is the leader of the fire dragon race” said the dragon

“let me guess the dragons you fought is the frost dragon race?”

“no they are not fire-master……. some of them are like us……breathing fire…but they are.......serving the wrong side….” Said the dragon

“what do you want me to do then?” ask me

“come with me to the black mountain….you will be more safer in there” said the dragon

“I’m sorry but….. I have to say no.” said me
“why would you say no, fire-master?” ask the dragon

“there is…em…..a couple things that need to be done…and I can’t just leave my friends here….”

“…….i understand fire-master…….., very well then…”

the dragon then open his mouth and absorbing the fire like thing from my body, it was the same fire, like the previous dragon gave to me and then change with a white fire

“I’m taking their radar from you, so the wouldn’t find you, and I putting my radar on you, so if anything went wrong just say ‘Yol Roh’ and I will come at you” said the dragon


“its my honor to help the fire-master….very well then”

the dragon then leaving me as he was flying on the air……..hmm….i am getting curious about this “dragon war” and the dragon isle…..well I think this gonna be a long story…….