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Benefits of Using [#Cloud] Storage

Benefits of Using [#Cloud] Storage

Benefits of Using [#Cloud] Storage

Hello friends, Cloud storage is an online storage service. In general, files that can be stored in cloud storage are audio, video, images, documents, and other formats. Unfortunately, some cloud storage services only store audio files or image files, so not all file types can be saved.
What are the advantages of using cloud storage?

Cloud storage is considered a safe place to store your important files. Here are some things to consider when choosing cloud storage over local storage (such as a hard drive or flash drive) for storage:
1. Disk capacity fills up quickly.
2. Pending disk corruption or loss
3. Easy to access because it can be done anywhere
4. You can easily share and stream files from anywhere

Most people think that cloud storage services are neither free nor expensive. In fact, for premium cloud storage with greater storage capacity, there is actually free cloud storage even if the strings are not concatenated. Most of these free cloud storage services are provided by premium cloud storage services and you can upgrade to premium services at any time.
Benefits of Using [#Cloud] Storage
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Free cloud storage is limited, but sufficient for most people. Here is a summary of some (6) best free cloud storage services that you can try.

1. Google Drive.
If you don't have an account, you can get 15 GB of free Google Drive cloud storage by creating a Google Account. This free space is used for other Google services like Gmail and Google Photos, but it's still a huge relief.

2. One Drive.
OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage formerly known as SkyDrive. Besides Google accounts, Microsoft accounts are the second most popular. When you create a Microsoft account, you get 5 GB of free OneDrive storage

3. DropBox cloud storage.
DropBox is a cloud storage service operated by the American company DropBox.Inc. When you create a DropBox account, you get 2GB of free storage in your DropBox cloud storage.

4. Mega.
If you already have a MEGA account, are you still looking for free cloud storage? It's no surprise that you can get 50GB of free disk space on this MEGA cloud storage. Historically, MEGA itself is built on an older version of the very popular file sharing service Megaupload which allows you to upload (upload) and download (upload) servers. Megaupload ended in 2012.

5. MediaFire.
MediaFire is a file sharing and file storage service that provides 10GB of free storage on MediaFire cloud storage. You can also increase storage beyond 50 GB through programs such as referring friends or downloading apps. MediaFire does not provide bandwidth limits for uploads (uploads) or downloads (downloads).

pCloud is a secure cloud storage with an easy-to-use interface. pCloud offers 10 GB of free storage on pCloud cloud storage. You can still get up to 20GB of extra storage through the Refer a Friend program and bonuses.

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