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The Feeling that may You Feel too

The Feeling that may You Feel too

Take a deep Breath
Tell yourself that everything's gonna be okay.
No matter what its happen,
No matter how far it will go,
No matter how long it takes time,
No matter how hard it have to faced.

Eveything's gonna be Okay.
Even When your heart fall into million pieces.
Even when people keep saying that you'll fail.
Even more when you feel its your Last.

Everything Happened for A Reason.
And it has been Written since First.
Fated that we understood the lesson after.
All we need is just be patient.

God Is Alway With You.
Just Trust He.
Undescrible Feeling is Just The Way to Make you Bigger, Cooler, Better, Stronger than before.
Diubah oleh faisol23

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