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Dakwah Islamq|Ceramah lucu ustad dasad latif|Ustad dasad latif terbaru 2021

Dakwah Islamq|Ceramah lucu ustad dasad latif|Ustad dasad latif terbaru 2021

Funny talk ustad dasad latif| Ustad dasad

Assalamu'alaykum wr
wb I Say
a big trimakasih to: Official Channel Ustad Das'ad Latif
as the owner of this video that has allowed this video in uplod on our channel that is Dawah Islam channel & smoga blessings always accompany him and join us all. amiin yaa robbal alamin...
Permanent Lecturer of Public Speaking and Researcher of Hasanuddin University. Qualifications of communication science Specifications Public Relations (Strata / S1) Mass Communication Science Specification Public Relations (Megister / S2) and Doctoral in the study of communication science specification (Doctoral / S3) University of Malaysia. Study of Public Speaking Social Research Methods and Protocol and Lobby Negotiation and Presentation Techniques. Supervisor for research of undergraduate and undergraduate students, especially for communication science studies. Other interests in the ability of mass media analysis and Public Speaking. #USTDasadLatief
Das'ad Latif's name is being discussed by netizens. The man from Makassar, South Sulawesi, went viral because of his hilarious and meaningful lecture material.
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