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The World Of Indie Mobile Games

The World Of Indie Mobile Games

      There’s a lot of indie mobile games that can capture your excitement and wants you to try making them and here are some of the example
1.     Limbo
Limbo is a puzzle game and the player must solve it before they died. From moving the box to the right direction to other variety of puzzle Limbo use very simple yet complex mechanics. You will be a boy in search for it’s sister and go on a journey with breathtaking story. The game narration is fill with thrilling and intriguing environment offering a captivating story and an emotional ending that will leave you stunning and gratified.
2.     Terraria
A 8bit Minecraft like game is always a pleasure to try and see. Terraria offers you all kinds of tools and materials to build anything that you can imagine from building the house and it’s furniture, the possibilities are all endless. This is great for people who want to enjoy building  and trying to survive this 8bit world.
3.     Minecraft
Everybody knows Minecraft but did you know it’s an indie game? Created by Mojang now own by Microsoft this game has a lot to offer. Building things such as houses to keep you from monster of the night and trying to find something to eat, it test you for survivability.
Crossy Road is a game where you  move your character and pass some roads. It’s quite simple to play but there’s some obstacle for you to go and try your best for the longest run.  The game has no ending just a score that you have to beat.
5.     Flappy Bird
One of the legendary game Flappy Bird is known for testing how long you could run this game. The player is a bird must fly and dodging some obstacle to get the high score. Like Crossy road this game has no end. Although this simple mechanics and simple graphics , this game is one of the most addictive and people would downloaded it and play with their friends to compete the high score. But sadly the legendary game is nowhere to find because is banned at 2014 for it’s addicting gameplay.
With games like Flappy Bird you could make it at Melon Gaming website.  by login in and making your account you could start by making the game. It’s simple and very easy to  understand and you could post it on google play.

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