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Let Me Say I Love You

Let Me Say I Love You

February, 18th 2021

Dear, My love

Hi, how are you yesterday and today? I am fine here. Yes, but sure, i am always fine and always want to meet you again as before.

Let Me Say I Love You

I feel that we haven't seen each other in a month. Do you know? In every my dream, i always meet you. I don't know ... this feeling is arrival when remembering you.

I have to acknowledge that i am falling in love. I realize that i am late to say love you. I am sorry so much.

Do you know? Yesterday, i look your photo in social media. I find the things that make me jealous. Who is she? Why you don't tell me about her? She is just friend? What is true? Please tell me now. I wait your story.

I only want you, want to live with you until we are old together. Seeing our children can grow healthy. We will sing together. This song 'Janji Suci' by Yovie Nuno. This is my favorite song because you have ever sing this song. And i like it until now. All things about you and you.

Do you remember? You have ever say, "Will you marry me?"
And now, i will answer your question, "Yes, i will! Even i have loved you before you love me."

I still remember you are so handsome since you are still child. I am late to say it that i like you since your age is seven years old. A long time ago, we spend the times to play and laugh together. And now, i want it is continued until we are old.

You are very handsome. Your smile is nice and i like it. I feel that you are the best for me. I don't want someone fill your heart except me. Only me and no one else. Let me loving you.

Your name is in my heart. Yesterday, now, tomorow and forever. My love will never die. I keep this love to death.

My dear.
Let me say, "Will you marry me?"
I wait your respond. If you don't reply my message, please call me in my new number. I write the number in the back of this paper.

Finally, i really found the king of my heart. He is you, you, and you. Please, keep my feeling as i keep your feeling. I always wait you here.

Let me say i love you forever.

Your Heart

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