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[LOVE LETTER 5] Love You To The Square of Infinity
Days after my lowest day.
Emptiness embraces me.
I lost my sight to the future.
Why am I still here?

As I open the curtain of the kaleidoscope of morning, I saw your comment on my posts in facebook.

She's an old friend. Childhood friend.

" ____ If you rarely appear on social media, someone will miss you"

"Been 15 years. Let's meet up"
And then . . .

~ ' 1st meeting ' ~

It started as a joke
A lot of reason to refuse
But I came there anyway
... and realised you weren't there

I waited for an hour
You still didn't appear
But out of nowhere
You whispered "I'm here"

The tea plantation
No other chance, move on
We've talked a lot, showing off our vibe
It's already evening, so next time maybe?

It seemed like the season we became an adult
Was not filled with sad songs
There was something I wanted to convey to you in the end
I searched for the words to replace "farewell"

"Let's meet again"
Let's find each other again

Then I slept like the other day
Leaving out the memories of today
With a couple of pictures to display
And some shared music to play

* * *

I saw her again today.
The woman of my dreams.
Locks of ebony hair, dark like aria of starless night and beautiful as the sun setting gleaming over the fallen leaf.
I yearn to spend my lifetime with her.
Today's the day I will make her mine, whether by words of force or by the ropes in my car.
She will be so beautiful on our wedding.

And you said "yes".

We got married.
Short time, simple words.
I fell in love just like that.
But don't you ever forget that I still have the ropes.
To tie you up at the tree so you won't go anywhere near discount booths.

That damn booth trying to steal my wife, can you imagine that?

In the end, we fought a lot over the food you should cook tomorrow.
Yeah, we throwed a lot of high tensions, but I smiled at heart that you still cared over a simple thing like that.
A simple thing that made me love you.

I know BTS and J.S. Bach would never play at the same stage.
Hey, we don't even have the same favorite food.

Let's meet again in 3 days.
Let's start over our fight over a pillow or who should use the toilet first.
This is not a fairytale-class marriage like you ever dreamed before, but believe me, we will make a lot of surprises in the future.

I can't wait to show you how I learned to make an explosion rocket over a rubber band.
It won't hurt I promise. I tried it in my own face.
It was... :'(

Alright. Let's close this night with a warm smile only God can see.
Can't wait to see you again, my wife.

See you later.
"This is a message"

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