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Top 5 Tips for Web Design

Top 5 Tips for Web Design

The demand for websites is growing in leaps and bounds every day, and web designers have had to put their best foot forward to come up with brilliant and creative designs that stand out in every competitive field. This cut-throat competition has fathered some of the most creative and innovative designs yet and contributed to significant advancements in technology that have enabled designers to unleash their full potential.
This year has seen a dramatic surge of video use in websites in comparison to previous years. Website owners have resorted to increasingly bigger and bolder videos to Web Design KL These videos serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose with some being instructional and others being promotional depending on the site in question. Add vivid colors to the mix, and you’re looking at a pretty eye-catching website and a very appealing interface that visitors immediately fall in love with.
The trick with adding videos to your websites is to have them always complementing the texts and vice-versa. Check out Web Design KL for great examples which seamlessly struck a balance between text and videos with lovely results.
Web Design Malaysia are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as more and more web designers are embracing 3D renders and meshing them into the flat pages. This technique makes for stunning and mesmerizing visuals that have users gaping in awe.
While no specific terminology has been put forth for this exact design, most web designers have termed it as an amalgamation of flat page design and not necessarily a new concept. The trend seems to draw a bit of inspiration from the recent virtual reality wave that has taken us by storm, but unlike VR, you don’t need any ridiculous headgear to enjoy this experience.
The never-ending quest to keep up with the latest web design kl trends has kept most web owners and designers on their toes. As we progress in our respective area, it might be comforting to remember that just like seasons, trends come and go, and nothing lasts for an eternity. So if you’re left out this year, don’t fret. 2020 could definitely be your year or you could contact us today and we’ll have your website up-to-date with the latest web designs.

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