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Ineffable - Part 28


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Hahahah engga lah mbah,tapi beneran simbah2?
in incremental stages, with Italian treaties in the 1880s followed by economic engagement between various Somali clans, including the Reer Mataan and the Shaansi (Cadcad) clans 
Sand Point was founded by a San Francisco fishing company in 1898 as a cod fishing

Yang jadi patokan yang pej di m.kaskus
Reer Mataan and the Shaansi (Cadcad) clans like reer Xamar and the Italian Benadir Company and then direct governance by the Italian government after 1906 and the British 
station and trading post. Aleuts and Scandinavians were among the early residents. Gold mining was briefly a part of

Alon mbah ojo ngepot
Italian government after 1906 and the British Military Administration of Somalia after World War Two and the UN Trust Territory in the 
residents. Gold mining was briefly a part of the economy during the early 1900s. Fishing
This was followed by independence in 1960, the Hantiwadaag (socialist) era during Barre's presidency (1969-1991), a three-

Ga tau om,pas hari apa itu lupa saya,tapi temen saya juga ga bisa login pas hari itu juga

Guruku esde mbah joyo jenenge
remains an important industry, as Sand Point is home to one of the largest fishing fleets in the Aleutian Chain.

Nggak peduli soal ht-ht nan gan.. penting berkarya..
Cuma kok ya nggak adil amat.. kasihan yang lain yang bener2 pengen berkarya..
decade civil war afterwards, and as of the late 2010s and 2020s a period of reconstruction.[10]
Almost half the inhabitants are of Aleut descent - mainly from the Qagan Tayagungin

Saiki kurang lah
There are many theories about the origin of the name Mogadishu, including the Somaliword Muuq Disho meaning sight-killer,[11] and the Arab-Persian word Maq'ad-i-Shāh (مقعد 
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tribe, and support themselves by fishing and fish processing. There is a cold storage and fish-processing plant owned and operated by
Halaman 496 dari 501
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