When was the email sent through when??? No email was sent? No warning was given. I went through all the emails. This is just a scam company. They see you making profits and decide to clean out your accounts as they see fit for themselves

Jan 24, 2020 - 1 Star Justforex is a scam. A total scam. I had two accounts with them account 404990 which had 157 dollars on it and account 427405 which had 90 dollars on it. I made an internal transfer of 70 dollars to the account 404990, and then next thing you know the account has been cleaned out. I talked to KATE and she clearly doesn't know what she's doing. She just said they can't help me with that. No trades were opened up yet the account just gets cleaned out. Where the hell did the money go??? I wouldn't recommend this broker to anyone!

Sep 29, 2018 - 1 Star hi after months being with justforex happily trading acc"185409" not knowing they are a scam broker, they refuse to give me my money which I wanna withdraw from them, I have sent them countless emails yet I'm getting no response from anyone and it has been weeks now trying to withdraw my Money, Whatever you do please do not open an account with this people.

Reply by JustForexcom submitted Oct 24, 2018 Dear Kutlwano! Based on the information that we have checked with the Finance department, the withdrawal was made successfully from your trading account. Seems that you are talking about the first withdrawal order that you cancelled yourself. In any case - our support team works 24/7 and is always ready to help with any questions that you have.

Reply by JustForexcom submitted Jan 27, 2020 Dear Kultwano,

You are misrepresenting the situation. We informed you that your account has its negative balance protection disabled, as a result of you violating our ToS and trading illegally. It happened a long time ago so you might want to check your e-mail archive - we definitely sent you an e-mail about it. It was a standard policy back then and Kate explained it to you in chat on January 24.

The money missing from your account was removed in accordance with Article 4.10.4 of our Client Agreement. Since three of your accounts were in the negatives, we deducted the money from the fourth account to compensate.

As for Kate, she could not help you instantly because your account was not properly marked in our internal system. The situation had been fixed since. When Kate found the issue, she told you the reason why your money is missing.

If you have any further questions, please send them to

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