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New Normal, New Policy!
Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) is a pandemic phenomenon that has paralyzed various aspects of health and social life on a wide scale. The combination of high infection rate with the absence of vaccine is effective in tackling the impact of the Covid-19, causing increased uncertainty that leads to the decline in the purchasing power of society until the amount of unemployment grows masally. Various policies have been applied by the Government of Indonesia, such as the withdrawal of funds amounting to Rp405,01 trillion in the state expenditure budget (APBN) 2020, large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), until the latest is a discourse of standard implementation of new life patterns popular with the term new normal. Implementation of the new normal life pattern is expected to increase the recovery acceleration of various aspects of people's life including health and socio-economic.
Under the terms of WHO, new normal applications can be performed when a country or region manages to control the Covid-19 deployment figures. In addition, it has a well-qualified health facility, and the risk of case spikes in vulnerable places can be minimized. New Normal In my opinion philosophy is because we can not wait for the missing Corona to return to continue life. Starting and forming new habits as a form of self-familiarity to the state to be realized life ideals. Despite the sloping curve and still a warm conversation.
For example, in my location, the company's operational procedure (SOP) adaptation with health protocols has been released by the World Health Organization (WHO) organization that aims to minimize the occurrence of infected or transmitted Covid-19 phenomenon. Implementation of SOP that has been collaborated with the health protocol in the effort to welcome the new normal life pattern should consider some aspects, such as the status of Covid-19 distribution in various regional regions that refers to the status of epidemiological curves, up to the aspect of the number of viral reproduction (R0) less than one can apply a new normal life pattern. Referring to the status of Covid-19 spread in West Java region is getting better, so where I work has implemented a variety of new normal policies in the work office to anticipate the increase of Work from Office (WFO) activities to replace Work from Home (WFH) activities slowly that aims to re-increase productivity and competitiveness.
The first policy to be implemented is to re-compose the layout of various components in the work office, thus create a physical distancing atmosphere, which is expected to minimize the occurrence of droplet distribution among employees who are allegedly as the main media in spreading the Covid-19. The second policy is to spray the disinfectant to all employees who want to entry the work Office area, which aims to process sterilization of employees from the possibility of exposure to Covid 19 or other microbes that endanger the personal health and associates of the employee. To improve protection in the face of the threat of Covid-19, in each table contained in the work Office also provided hand sanitizer fluid and tissue that employees can use both before and after doing the job activity.
As well as the policy that is not less important is to provide the latest and reliable information about the efforts that can be done both with the scale of individuals and groups, in overcoming the impact of the distribution Covid-19. The information is loaded on offline media with poster printing, flyers, up to X-banners placed at strategic points found in the work office. As well as online media, such as consistently uploading content about facts, precautions, and important contacts about Covid-19 on the company's official website and the official social media of the company on various platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and others. The latest and reliable information distribution by the company also aims to increase awareness for employees of company on the impact of the Covid-19 and to improve the motivation of employees to implement health protocols in their daily activities.
But on the other hand this New Normal policy raises the pros cons in many circles of society. Many people even political and organizational figures debate the issue of new normal deployments. Some say that it is currently not time to make peace with Corona. We have to opponent Corona. Okay I agree, but it doesn't mean just silence. But the way we fight is trying to re-lead a normal life. But with the protocols already considered mature. Because it is impossible, we constantly shackled over this kind of condition. For me quite less precise to reject the application of "New Normal" why? It is obvious that new normal is one way to stabilize the weak economy. In addition, so that people can return to work activities. They also need to work to connect and fulfill their life needs. Then why would anyone reject it? You who reject the application of "New Normal", never worry about not eating, because you are able to be economically, even more precisely called "conglomerate". But how are we “small communities” ?


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