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The way the tourism industry coexisted during the pandemic of covid-19 virus

The way the tourism industry coexisted during the pandemic of covid-19 virus

The outbreak of COVID-19 which struck almost all countries in the world was very shocking and unexpected. Since the initial case of the emergence of the corona virus in the Chinese, Wuhan, this virus has quickly spread to almost every corner of the world. The corona virus that attacks the human respiratory system has an impact not only on humans but also everything. As a result, WHO or the world health agency set this virus to become a global pandemic. Although this virus is dangerous and affects human health, but indirectly this virus also causes problems for the survival of the world community. Covid-19 has a major impact on a number of aspects ranging from environmental, economic, social, even to affect natural conditions. In a short time, the corona virus has changed the way of life and the conditions of people in the world today. Many effects that were produced in a short time and caused thousands of lives and millions of other people who must be treated for this virus. Many countries are overwhelmed and forced to make policies that ultimately affect people's lifestyles. This virus has affected a country in various sectors such as social, economic, and others.

The economic sector is the most obvious because the result of social distancing makes the trade sector decline and consequently the rise in unemployment. This also happens in Indonesia, which as a developing country is very difficult in overcoming this problem. Indonesia has many sectors of state income or economic support, one of which is tourism. As a result of the corona of the tourism sector which became the mainstay of Indonesia was forced to close a lot and resulted in a decrease in the number of tourists both domestic and foreign. The application of physical distancing which requires a person to remain at home turns out to have a lot of influence on natural conditions. Limited economic activities and transportation also have an impact on the environment. These activities have caused a sudden reduction in carbon emissions. Because the corona outbreak virus is spreading throughout the world, the number of foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia is slowly plummeting. The national tourism industry is one of the sectors affected by the corona outbreak. Then how does the tourism sector in Indonesia survive and be able to adapt during the pandemic of covid-19?

The first steps for the tourism sector what can be done is we must allow ourselves to be driven by what the tourist wants. We must fulfill to consumer trends and preferences. We have to consider that the post-Covid-19 tourist may have different needs and expectations in each of it. We cannot assume that the sector will revert to what it was prior to the outbreak. The re-set button has been pressed. Despite the numerous challenges we face now, the writer believes that there is always an opportunity during this pandemic. That is why we are using this period to shape the sector for the future. To that objective, we are developing a sector recovery strategy to prepare for the post-Covid-19 era. As we develop this plan, a coordinated response and collaboration are key as we develop what will be the blueprint on how we reposition ourselves domestically and internationally.

Honestly, we must to be honest and open with the real situation. During this pandemic, being transparent and keep your customers informed well is the way to attract the tourism.If we are using website, make sure the information on your website is real and also easy to find. Make sure you inform the tourists about the actions your business takes to reduce the virus from spreading based on government rules. we must continue to implement health protocols during the pandemic. Don’t forget to tell your customers to follow the governments’ regulations. Positive communication, full of empathy, is the successful key to survive in tourism industries. If we support people in following the regulations, you can get good feedback from the tourist and also the media. You can also get quite a lot of potential customers in the future. You can start asking tourists to wash their hands before entering the tourist attractions, reminding tourists that they should always wear a mask and so on. with this the tourist attractions or hotels will be labeled as good places and visitors will come in the future.

However, we should keep promoting our tourism object through social media. This promotion used to entertain our content during the social distancing time, people are eager for content that offers a little escape from the current situation. This is the perfect time to stay connected and provide valuable content and entertainment. People nowadays are using their gadget to get some information. They used social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others to find something and to interact with others person. When we promote our tourism object by using social media, we can gain more tourist to come to our destination. Besides that, we have to fight and live with this pandemic until it is gets over. We should keep fighting even though circumstances force us to surrender. by keeping abreast of health protocols recommended by the government, as people in the tourism industry we must continue to comply with regulations for the safety of tourists.

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