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Hospitality Industry In Indonesia During Covid-19 Pandemic

Hospitality Industry In Indonesia During Covid-19 Pandemic

Currently, the world is facing a pandemic disease from a virus called Covid-19. This virus first appeared in one of the city from Chinese. Then spread rapidly in the countries of the world, even in March WHO announced that the Covid-19 Virus is a global pandemic that must be resolved together because it is widespread in every country. The covid-19 virus itself is a virus that causes mild upper respiratory infections to be moderate, like influenza. This virus can be transmitted from human to human. Transmission of this virus can occur through coughing, sneezing, or body contact from people infected with the virus. Due to the rapid spread, this virus has taken many victims.
Various methods had been taken to deal with the outbreak of this disease and reduce the increase in casualties because the number of victims is increasing. For example, the government began implementing social distancing and PSBB (large-scale social restrictions system). As activities result from many activities, have been done from home, such as working from home, learning from home, limiting activities in places or public facilities, to prohibiting activities which caused a crowd and so on.

This causes activities to be disrupted because we are required to stay at home. This certainly causes positive and negative impacts on various aspects, such as economics, education, politics, social culture, and others. However, there are more negative impacts, especially in the economic scope.

In various regions in Indonesia, the economy became chaotic after the existence of this pandemic. The response of the government and the community that made prevention efforts, such as school closures, work from home, especially formal sector workers, delays and cancellations of various government and private events, made the circle of economic turnover slow down. The decline in global economic growth, particularly export destination countries and weakening commodity prices will put pressure on Indonesian exports. The same thing happened to export services, especially travel or tourism services.
This caused because people must obey government regulations to stay at home and do work with the concept of working from home. As a result, many industries or businesses have decreased turnover. One of them is the hospitality industry. Then, how are the negative impacts of the pandemic in the hospitality industry in Indonesia?.

As we know, the tourism sector in Indonesia is developing quite rapidly. Because of the many exciting tourist attractions that are designed, it makes domestic and foreign tourists attracted to visit. That certainly makes tourism the second-largest source of foreign exchange contribution for Indonesia. However, the current conditions are different due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Since the existence of social distancing instruction or PSBB (large scale restrictions system) has made the tourism sector weak. Many tourist attractions are closed to prevent the spread of covid-19. The decision of several countries to lock down and limit visitors due to the Coronavirus pandemic, making companies engaged in tourism, such as hotels, travel agents, airlines, and others, be devastated. This has caused revenue from the tourism sector to decline. Besides, there are fears that visitors will be affected by the virus is also one reason for tourism to be weak. Not only foreign visitors, but domestic visitors are also reluctant to visit tourist attractions in Indonesia.

Due to the tourism sector was weakened by the Covid-19 pandemic, the hotel sector also felt the impact. The absence of visitors at tourist attractions makes hotels in Indonesia quiet. Some even closed the hotel. As a result, hotel income dropped because there were no visitors. Besides, many hotel workers were left or yet laid off.

We know that the Covid-19 pandemic has a devastating effect on Indonesian cities and their growing tourism sector. One of them is the Magelang district. Magelang became one of the regions in the province of Central Java that was negatively affected by the pandemic, especially in the tourism scope. Magelang Regency itself has the tourism sector in the form of Borobudur temple, which is already well-known in the international arena. Every day many visitors from the region and foreign who crowded the Borobudur temple tourism area. However, this condition has undoubtedly changed with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Borobudur temple tourism area is temporarily closed. This is done to prevent the increase in casualties and help the government breaking the chain from the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. However, it also has an impact on the weakening of tourism. Not only in the tourist area of Borobudur temple alone, but the turnover of hotels around the Borobudur Temple has also declined. Although there are currently several hotels open, visitors are still quiet. They tend to be always afraid to travel outside the area, especially those who need flight transportation from outside the region. Even though on many ordinary days, foreign tourists visit Borobudur temple, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, they discouraged them from attending.

Not only the tourist area of Borobudur temple is temporarily closed, but many other tourist attractions in Magelang district are also closed. For example, Punthuk Setumbu, Gereja Ayam, and other popular tourist attractions. Before the existence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the tourist attractions were also often crowded with visitors. Foreign and domestic tourists also often crowded the tourist area of Punthuk Setumbu to see the sunrise and sunset. But once again the current condition is deserted by visitors because of the Covid-19 virus outbreak.

The tourism and hospitality sector can still run as long as it always complies with the health protocol rules that have been set by the government. It can do by providing a place to wash hands, check body temperature, and recommendation for the use of masks. Besides, the visitors should have the awareness to be more careful and maintain a healthy body so that the Covid -19 virus does not attack them. However, if this virus does not spread again soon can restore the condition of the hospitality industry in Indonesia.

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