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Indonesian Hospitality Industry on Pandemic Covid-19

Indonesian Hospitality Industry on Pandemic Covid-19

Covid-19 has become a global epidemic in the world. Covid-19 is a disease caused by the Coronavirus. China is the first country to be infected by this virus. But now the infection has spread throughout the world, and the number of victims caused by this virus is still increasing. This virus is easily spread and the symptoms produced are sometimes tricky to identify. One way to prevent the spread of the virus is to reduce excessive and direct encounters with other people. Not only the economic sector is disrupted by this virus, but in the hospitalization of the industry is also disrupted because of the lack of visitors in tourism or hospitality.

In Indonesia, according to data from the Hotel and Restaurant Association in Indonesia, 1,174 hotels are forced to close hotel operations caused by the Corona virus. In Indonesia, various policies to minimize the spread of the virus have been carried out. Not only that, but multiple appeals were also encouraged so that the community did the right thing and did not carelessly act, one of the policies was with the hashtag #TetapDiRumah. The Hashtag aims to reduce socialization, and usually, people only go out to make a living in the economy. As with other countries, Indonesia, which has beautiful natural wealth, the tourism sector and various types of hotels have decreased in operation. That is also because many countries are affected by the spread of Covid -19 so that foreign tourists who frequently visit for tours also experience a decline.

The Tourism Industry is claimed to have borne Rp21 trillion since January 2020, which is caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The General Chairperson of the Employers Association also stated that the occupancy rate of hotel rooms or occupancy only reached 49.2 per cent. So much cause the hotel is closed. Another problem that arises is with employee pay without pay and firing employees to stabilize finances in the hotel industry. Cash flow in the company must be maintained so that several policies are made to keep expenses, not exceeding 50% and remain balanced. Various ways can be done to balance income by closing the hotel floor. This is done so that expenditure is not too large. It is indeed a formidable challenge because rules such as limitation of distance with large scale encourage people to stay at home, and many jobs also change the system into an online order.

With the various problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry should make smarter steps to overcome this problem. This industry can still run because the economic sector can't die completely. Someone becomes more careful in doing his actions. With this, it can be concluded if the community becomes more worried. One way to overcome this problem is to change public trust by marking that the hotel they live in is safe.

In its application, in the hospitality industry, various health protocols must be carried out. In addition to this, it is indeed an obligation that must be done, but this also affects making visitors feel safe with this. Someone will even choose a small hotel. This was done because of the tendency of people to avoid the crowd. The economic sector in Indonesia was hampered after this pandemic. However, various new policies have been implemented by the government to stabilize the economy, one of which is the existence of new normal in Indonesia, so that different other sectors may be carried out but will continue to use health guidelines. Various smart ways can be done in the hospitality sector. It also indicates that there are differences in hospitality conditions before and after the Covid-19 outbreak. In restaurants in the hotel, the physical system will be eliminated. At check-in will be done without direct contact; in this case, the hotel industry is utilizing good digital marketing. Times continue to grow so that even in the time of the plague one can easily access and find out what type of lodging you want to be occupied. Even with digital marketing, visitors will find out conditions such as whether the hotel is still operational or not. This function also reduces direct contact. When visitors enter the hotel, it is appropriate to carry out body temperature measurements.

As you know, one of the signs of a patient who has contracted the virus from Covid-19 is having high body temperature as a sign of a fever. Even in the developing hotel industry, Digital Key can be provided, and this tool can be used to open elevators, rooms, or other places. Digital Key System is an application on a smartphone that has almost the same with card lock.

Policies also influence conditions, such as the AHLA Stay Safe guidelines which state that servants cannot enter guest rooms unless there is an urgent request or particular request from a visitor. But of course, the rooms will be rearranged after guests check out of the hotel. Various services will reduce direct contact. On problems such as ordering goods, hotel employees will provide bags and put them in front of the guest room. Hotel employees are also asked to use health self-protection devices in full so that all are in a sterile condition and have the opportunity to spread the virus.

Even in treatments like spas, you have to use a mask. Disinfectant spraying must be done frequently, we cannot know where the visitor is coming from and various backgrounds. In contrast, visitors are usually from unpredictable places, so spraying disinfectant should still be done. So that in some areas must often be disinfectant sprayed, and some spots must also be available cleaning tools such as hand sanitizer.

Naturally, this pandemic is indeed a significant influence on the hotel industry sector. Even problems not only arise in Indonesia but also in various countries that have been infected with the Covid-19 virus. The fact that if it's empty, it's difficult for the hotel industry to survive. Without an industry income also cannot work. But various policies can be taken to keep the industry going. Multiple systems can be in the form of minimizing finances and data in the way of tightened health protocols so that in conditions in new healthy someone has reduced their worries.

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