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Importance of organic dairy products in our daily life

Importance of organic dairy products in our daily life

Studies indicate that organic milk is better for our bodies than regular and many of the times, constituted milk. Organic milk on a carton of milk means that the animal that produced the milk had consumed organic feed. This feed, in turn, was grown in the land that was certified organic. This means that no fertilizers or pesticides / weedicides are used on that patch of land when the crops are grown. The animals that produced the milk were not given antibiotics or growth hormone shots. The dairy products are made out of such organic milk constitute dairy products. This is the best possible situation. These natural procedures in dairy farming, if followed, help to maintain the biological diversity of the soil and benefit to everyone in the food chain in the long run. 
Organic feed for Dairy Animals - Advantages
Organic dairy farms provide high-forage diets to dairy animals, and this includes frequent access to pastures during grazing times. If farmers tend to give mixed ration feeds to the animals most of the times, then the proportion of forage is much lower in these kinds of feeds. In place of forage, the proportion of grains is higher.
Dairy animals with access to pastures are seen to produce milk with a higher concentration of conjugated linoleic acids or CLA, higher concentrations of omega-3 fats and vitamins A, D and E. These are typically less when the farm animals are fed in total mixed rations (TMR). Read More 

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