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Crypto BTC Exchange Recruitment IB Forex IB 10000

Crypto BTC Exchange Recruitment IB Forex IB 10000

Become an introduction broker of the platform. First of all, you need to know and familiarize with our platform, and then promote our platform to invite users to register and trade here, so you can get commission
As long as this user has been trading, you can always get the commission, all you need to do is to invite as many users as possible, so you can get a lot of commission
If you invite enough users, as long as they keep trading, you can get commission even if you do nothing
This is a difficult job in the early stage, but if you can invite the first user, you will find it is a simple and easy job, and I will help you to invite your first user
Your salary depends on your commission. If you do not invite users, then you will have no commission. If you invite a large number of users, then your commission may be $ 10000 $ 30000 $ 50000 ... There is no upper limit at all
This is a freelance job and you can work full time and part time. You can be a team or an individual. You can be an office worker, a family occupation. You can work from anywhere. Working hours depend on you personally
If you think this is a good job, you can contact me for advice
telegram: cain522
whatsapp: +17073449695
Please tell me where you are from Crypto BTC Exchange Recruitment IB Forex IB 10000
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