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Britain and America are The World's Biggest coronavirus Losers

Britain and America are The World's Biggest coronavirus Losers

Britain and America are The World's Biggest coronavirus Losers

There’s something profound about the irony. The world’s highest coronavirus death tolls belong to two countries whose leaders came to power promising the restoration of greatness and control – the United States and Great Britain. Neither can claim to have been caught by surprise: both nations had the benefit of time, ample scientific warnings, and the cautionary examples 

The similarities are striking, the conclusions unavoidable. Here in the UK, we comforted ourselves with the belief that while our own buffoonish rightwing leader had his faults, at least he was no Donald Trump. But in the end, Boris Johnson has managed to stumble over even this lowest of hurdles. The UK government’s response to the crisis has turned out to be nearly as flippant and ill-prepared as the US’s.
Two nations that prided themselves on their extraordinary economic, historical and political status have been brought to their knees. Their fall from grace is the outcome of a damaged political culture and distinct form of Anglo-American capitalism.
Over the past four years, reckless political decisions were justified by subordinating reality to rhetoric. The cost of leaving the EU would be “virtually nil”, with a free trade agreement that would be one of the “easiest in human history”. Imaginary enemies were erected and fake fights confected as both countries pugnaciously went about severing their ties with other nations and international institutions. 

color=#121212]Political discourse focused on grand abstract notions of rebirth and restoration, in a way that required few concrete deliverables. All the Tory government needed to do was [/color]Get Brexit Done, no matter how slapdash the job. In the US, all Trump needed to do to maintain his supporters’ loyalty was bark about a wall with Mexico every now and then, pass a racist travel ban, and savage various public figures for sport.
This is corrosive stuff – not only to the quality of public debate, but to the calibre of politicians. When the business of government becomes limited to populist set pieces, its ranks are purged of doers and populated instead with cheerleaders. This is how we ended up with the current cast of dazed-in-headlights Tory cabinet members. In the US, the very notion of an “administration” has been worn away. As the New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen puts it, “There is no White House. Not in the sense that journalists have always used that term. It’s just Trump – and people who work in the building.” 

By the time Covid-19 hit their shores, the UK and US were lacking not just the politicians but the bureaucracies required to respond effectively. Prior to the crisis, Trump repeatedly attempted to defund the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In the UK, the pandemic inconvenienced a Tory cabinet embroiled in a feud with its own civil service. The intellectual and practical infrastructure to deal with facts had been vandalised.
But there is a longer, non-partisan history that rendered both nations incapable of an adequate response to the pandemic. The special relationship is not just one of linguistic and cultural proximity, but an ideological partnership forged in the post-second world war era. Anglo-American capitalism, pursued by both right and centre-left parties, rooted in small government and powered by exceptionalism, had dismantled the state. No notice or warning could have refashioned the machinery of government quickly enough to save lives. An economic and political model that hinges on privatisation, liberalisation and the withdrawal of labour rights created a system prone to regular crises, despite such shocks being framed as one-offs.
The economic and regulatory kinship was strengthened by the transformation of Britain’s quaint and mercantile financial sector into a replica of the US’s aggressive markets. The City caught up with Wall Street. 

An interventionist foreign policy – publicly moralistic but privately cynical – gave the model an expansionist edge, which helped both nations project power abroad and defend their own financial and political interests. But the wars led to quagmires, and the rapidly expanding financial sectors to economic near-death experiences. Neither triggered significant rethinking or reflection. After the 2008 financial crisis, when this system came within “48 hours” of the “apocalypse”, two centre-left leaders, Barack Obama and Gordon Brown, chose to shore up the infrastructure that had brought their economies to the brink, recapitalising the banks and revitalising the markets, opting for more regulation rather than fundamental reform.
Just as the financial crash was treated as the malfunctioning of a particular unsupervised bug in the system rather than as a feature of it, so is the failure to grapple with the pandemic being cast as an unforeseen, exogenous event, rather than a result of an ideology that enables the state to scramble unprecedented resources to save banks but not lives. A nurse will wear a bin liner as PPE in the US for longer than a failing bank can go unfinanced.  

Hollow triumphalism about making America great again and Britain taking back control becomes more and more likely in such a system. Trump and the Tories alighted on this formula not entirely out of mendacity or ideology. Without radically challenging Anglo-American capitalism, they have nothing else to offer their voters. And so they must separate economic suffering from politics, and attempt to blame it on immigrants a nd outsiders. They must blame other countries and international institutions – the EU, WHO, Nato – for the feelings of helplessness experienced by their own citizens. The swagger is a facade. Behind it hides a rotting national landscape. 

As the bodies pile up, the failure of the US and the UK will be somehow spun into victory. The triumphalism will intensify; that is certain. The only question now is how many will continue to believe it.
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america jelas lebih coronavirus loser dari britain
terjangkit corona & tewas akibat corona terbesar no 1 di dunia
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dalang kerusuhan hongkong itu adalah bajingan bule keturunan eropa ( amerika & inggris )
bule barat cs ( western allies ) bermimpi mau hancurkan china seperti uni soviet

uni soviet hancur berkeping2 dibuat western allies ( amerika,inggris dll)

sampai sekarang western allies ( bule barat cs) tak mampu hancurkan china
China selalu tegas antisipasi segala propaganda bule barat
kemajuan kehebatan China memang ancaman terbesar serta mimpi buruk buat dunia bule barat
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Well, it's not that super power then.. what goes around, comes around..
Britain and America are The World's Biggest coronavirus Losers
bule kulit putih di amerika itu juga asalnya dari eropa ..
amerika itu aslnya bukan milik bule kulit putih
bule kulit putih di amerikahanyalah keturunan eropa tukang genosida pribumi perampas tanah pribumi
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seperti ini ya, perampas tanah
Britain and America are The World's Biggest coronavirus Losers

emoticon-Ultah emoticon-Ultah emoticon-Ultah emoticon-Ultah emoticon-Ultah emoticon-Ultah emoticon-Ultah emoticon-Ultah emoticon-Ultah emoticon-Ultah
bangsa bule eropa memang terkenal sadis & tamak
genosida pribumi & rampas tiga benua pribumi ( amerika.australia,kanada) ]

di bpln ada kumpulan anak asia radikal tolol yg memuja bule barat
kena pencucian otak white supremacy
sampai jadi radikal tolol anggap bule barat sbg tuhan

itulah kenapa bpln jadi ajang pro asia vs pro barat
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Their fall from grace is the outcome of a damaged political culture and distinct form of Anglo-American capitalism. the US it self vocal against china and blame it all to china while several country got US's back like German, UK etc.
pertanda dari dulu chinese selalu dijadikan kambing hitam oleh bule keturunan eropa ..
di fitnah dituding ini itu hanya untuk tutupi keburukan bule keturunan eropa itu

" blame game" memang selalu jadi permainan bule barat

si boris & si trump
dua-duanya rambut pirang gendut,jelek,rasis,idiot
menjijikkan emoticon-Najis
Intinya inggris dan US mau mengalahkan komunis china dengan menyalahkan china dituduh tanpa bukti menyebarkan covid19.
PKC china tidak pernah mebghancurkan satu negara manapun didunia.
Inggris dan AS menghancurkan banyak negara atas nama demokrasi dan kemanusiaan.
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gara-gara virus made in wuhan cina emoticon-Betty (S) emoticon-Betty (S) emoticon-Najis (S)
bakalan batal EPL donk, waduh kapan siaran liga di sono mulai lagi ya.
bule keturunan eropa memang loser sejati
amrik & inggris negara demokratis, ini yang buat susah pengendalian covid19. sama aja dengan di sini.
kalau amrik nggak ada, sampai sekarang tiongkok sampai indonesia masih dijajah jepang & eropa dikuasai nazi.
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perlindungan dari wabahnya jadi beda, yang nggak menyangkut hak2 individu.
mau jajah sih nggak peduli barang atau bahan baku dari mana, karena cuma perlu niat & usaha aja.
emoticon-fuck white european loser !!!
trump itu juga bule keturunan eropa
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emoticon-thumbdown loser
dalang kerusuhan honkong adalah bajingan bule keturunan eropa ( inggris & amerika)
bajingan bule kulit putih ketrunan eropa loser !!!!
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