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Magento 2 Auto Cancel Order Extension

Magento 2 Auto Cancel Order Extension

When you run a business, you come across a lot of orders where the payment credit becomes a barrier. Certain customers deny payments over long periods and even after providing repetitive deadlines, they fail to adhere to them. In certain cases, fake orders are also placed where it becomes almost impossible to even get any form of a return. Due to these, the company can at times face a situation of under-stock or reduced sales which in turn declines the Customer experience.

To overcome this problem, the Magento 2 extension for Auto cancel Order has been introduced by MageComp which helps in automatically canceling the order of the customers who fail to make the payments even after the stipulated dates have passed away. These order cancellation procedures become simplified as customers can be notified based on their groups and payment methods. As well as, this extension allows you to send personalized Emails to the customers whose payment dates have lapsed to give them warning notifications. Thus, the determination of the Order status becomes easy and the customer experience can be enhanced.

Benefits of Magento 2 Auto Cancel Order

It can be smoothly integrated to your Magento2 store
Cancellation of orders with lapsed payments is simplified
Customers and admins can be notified using Emails
You can notify multiple customers together as it supports Multiple IDs
It allows you to select the customer group with the context of sending Emails
Order Status can be easily accessed to cancel the orders
The configuration for various payment methods could be specified individually
Customer experience can be immensely upgraded
Your Magento2 store can be enhanced and made productive
Application of the extension is super easy and flexible

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