These are the proofs
Above are the proof, Cm trading never paid me,  ..I have working as IB for them since Sept 2019. then around Oct 2019, they start delay the Commission WD. after that i start sending email by email everyday to get out my IB Commission money, they paid me USD1,417 on 16 Oct 2019.

They just paid me USD1417 only, and the balance money they refuse to pay. IB Department said i need to bring to them 3 more clients, then only payment will be release. This rules make me feel upset to work with them, because they never tell me about this before. They also never have or written this rules on IB Term & Conditions.

Then on Nov 2019, i bring more deposited clients to them to complete the target. Then the story BEGIN, they called me and talk very rudely said they wont paid this IB money no matter what. They keep said, my clients trading issue with them. Then i told CMTrading, how can i monitor each clients trades ? This not my mistake.

Now i wait for balance money USD2751 to be paid and i will keep update the progress. If they still refuse to paid, i will bring this case to FSCA later.

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