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Will Washington allow the WHO to investigate its military bio labs? (Fort Detrick)

Will Washington allow the WHO to investigate its military bio labs? (Fort Detrick)

Will Washington allow the WHO to investigate its military bio labs?

In Fort Detrick, Maryland, the U.S. Army has cutting-edge labs researching viruses. In August 2019, Ft. Detrick labs were closed and a number of pneumonia cases, or illness with similarities to pneumonia, occurred in Maryland. What happened when the labs were shut down? What does the U.S. need the labs for? Dr. Qiao tries to connect the dots and get closer to the facts.

China, Russia can initiate probe of US bio-labs
Washington urged to be transparent with bio-weapons program

Will Washington allow the WHO to investigate its military bio labs? (Fort Detrick)
US President Donald Trump leaves a news conference on the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC on May 11, 2020. Photo: AFP

In order to hide the fact that the US is researching on biological weapons, the US will not respond to an international query on its bio-labs,
Chinese military experts said, adding that China and Russia could initiate an investigation of bio-labs worldwide at the UN to pressure the US.

The US can't just claim all reasonable inquiries to its bio-labs as "conspiracy theories," and when US politicians keep accusing China's lab in Wuhan as the origin of COVID-19 without providing any evidence, they should respond to the questions on US bio-labs, including the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, analysts said.

China and Russia can initiate an international investigation of all P3 and P4 labs worldwide, including the ones run by the US, at the UN Security Council, and US antiwar groups and media can also pressure Washington to be transparent on the question of its bio-labs, Chinese analysts suggested.

Washington's unwillingness to support the idea of a protocol to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons in order to create a verification mechanism makes one wonder what goals the US seeks to achieve through its overseas bio-labs, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters on Wednesday, TASS reported.

Lavrov said at a news conference following an online meeting of foreign ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on Wednesday that "These [US] laboratories are densely formed along the perimeter of the borders of the Russian Federation, and, accordingly, next to the borders of the People's Republic of China," the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Reasonable concerns

Song Zhongping, a military expert and TV commentator, told the Global Times on Thursday that "Russia has repeatedly voiced its concerns to the US about the labs in its neighbors like Ukraine and Georgia, but the US has ignored these concerns. The reason is simple - the US is hiding its bio-weapons program."

The US has had a very advanced capability to develop chemical and biological weapons since the Cold War, and it had used them in Vietnam, like Agent Orange, which caused serious casualties and harm to Vietnamese civilians and even US soldiers, so it is reasonable for other countries to worry what the US is doing in those overseas bio-labs, said a military expert at a Beijing-based military academy who requested anonymity.

Jin Canrong, associate dean of School of International Studies, Renmin University in Beijing, said the questions that China and Russia raised about US labs are reasonable queries, which are totally different from the groundless accusations and conspiracy theories about the origin of COVID-19 made by some US congressmen and politicians. The US accusations were dismissed by US scientists, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, and intelligence agencies.

"The US must be transparent and respond to international concerns over its bio-labs," Jin noted.

US self-isolation

In response to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's previous groundless accusation of the Wuhan lab, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a press conference on May 8 that "According to open records we have access to, China has only two P4 labs, the highest bio-safety level lab, while the US has 13 that are either in operation, under expansion or in planning, according to a February report by the Federation of American Scientists."

"The US also has 1,495 P3 labs, not including many other labs it built in territories of the former Soviet Union, like in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and in many other places around the world… the US has been the only country that has blocked the resumption of negotiations on a verification protocol to the Biological Weapons Convention," she remarked.

Song said "biological weapons research needs to be carried out in the environment and the people that the weapons might be used for. So, Russia and China, as the major strategic competitors of the US, are the targets, and that's why the US built these labs in countries neighboring its two major rivals."

"Additionally, building bio-labs overseas can avoid (impact on US territory) in a potential leak accident, and to avoid the legal problems and pressure from US media and antiwar groups," Song noted.

Song said "if the US wants to launch an international investigation into Wuhan P4 lab, China and Russia can also initiate an investigation at the UN Security Council on all labs capable of researching bio-weapons. Not surprisingly, the US will refuse as it knows it is the one who is really developing bio-weapons."

If China and Russia, the two influential UN Security Council permanent members, propose the investigation at the UN of all P4 and P3 labs worldwide, most member states will vote for it except the US, and this will embarrass Washington, Chinese observers said.

The Russian foreign minister said at the conference that "For almost 20 years, Russia and most other countries, including China, have been calling for a protocol on the convention that would establish a mechanism to verify and check states' commitment not to create biological weapons."

"The US stands almost alone against this initiative. Tensions around the issue have escalated and Washington's unwillingness to ensure transparency of its military biological activities in various parts of the world raises questions about what is really going on there and what the actual goals are," The Russian Foreign Minister pointed out.

Lavrov said that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is preparing an action plan to ensure sanitary and epidemiological safety - specifically bio-safety - with a summit to be held this year in St. Petersburg.

Song noted that "apart from putting pressure on the US, US civilian antiwar organizations and media can also contribute to pressuring Washington to be transparent on its bio-labs."

Will Washington allow the WHO to investigate its military bio labs? (Fort Detrick)

Selama ini Amerika agresif menyudutkan China,
China bersifat defensif, tapi sewaktu2 sekali saja counter bisa buat US dipermalukan

US sudah persiapan buat vaksin Covid 11 Januari 2020, sebelum China mengumumkan pertama kali
entop dan 2 lainnya memberi reputasi
Diubah oleh therminust

liat aja nanti kedepan nya, well... kalau saja obama masih menjabat, mungkin amerika gak akan kontroversial seperti saat ini, trumpet lebih mementingkan suara politik.
entop dan therminust memberi reputasi
tunggu apalagi, china bentuk tim investigasi

dan biarkan as juga membentuk tim investigasi
dvdvd77 dan 2 lainnya memberi reputasi
Diubah oleh neptunium
Trump mengatakan vaksin virus telah dikerjakan sejak 11 Januari

lebih tepatnya sejak genom virus dipublikasikan oleh China

China mempublikasikan genom virus tanggal 12 Januari

terdapat perbedaan waktu antara China dan AS

AS lebih lambat beberapa jam
tepsuzot memberi reputasi
Lihat 10 balasan
50 cent army PKC panik 120 negara anggota PBB akan menyelidiki Wuhan.
suryahendro dan 2 lainnya memberi reputasi
Lihat 3 balasan
Kerap Ditargetkan Amerika,
Ini 6 Alasan Laboratorium Wuhan Bukan Sumber Virus Corona

sampai sekarang Lab Wuhan masih buka
sedangkan Lab Fort Detrick sudah ditutup tahun 2019
Kenapa Laboratorium Fort Detrick amerika itu ditutup tahun 2019 ?
kemungkinan besar ,bisa jadi virus corona berasal dari amerika
pantas jumlah org terjangkit corona di amerika itu terbanyak no 1 di dunia
china cuma dijadikan kambing hitam oleh amerika[/Q
eaaa opini propaganda untuk menangkal isu penyelidikan wuhan

mampus lu digangbang 120 negara emoticon-Big Grin
entop dan tepsuzot memberi reputasi
lab wuhan dijadikan kambing hitam oleh lab fort detrick

tuhan menghukum lewat karma
amerika akan semakin menderita akibat corona
terjangkit corona terbesar no 1 di dunia
serta tewas akibat corona terbesar no 1 di dunia
Mantep nih, mengleng melakukan news warfare.
entop dan tepsuzot memberi reputasi
China dan as akan salaman karena sukses mengurangi penduduk dunia
aripmuh dan romanxe memberi reputasi

Ilmuwan China Profesor Zhang Yongzhen sudah UPLOAD full genome pada tgl 11 januari WAKTU China. (China kecolongan)
Waktu area China lebih awal 12 jam dari amerika.
Wajar kalo amerika memulai tgl 11 januari krn sdh diuplad full genome oleh Profesor Zhang Yongzhen.
BuzzerPKC emang ban9sat.....Propaganda Disinformasi....
emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Wakaka emoticon-Wakaka

China kecolongan krn Profesor Zhang Yongzhen sdh upload duluan tgl 11 januari.
TRagisnya Tanggal 12 januari Laboratoriumnya lsg DITUTUP oleh PKC:

China Tutup Laboratorium yang Publikasikan Genom Virus Corona

BACA nih 11 januari Profesor Zhang Yongzhen publikasikan Full genome...
Laboratorium yang ada di Pusat Klinis Kesehatan Publik Shanghai diperintahkan ditutup untuk keperluan "perbaikan" pada 12 Januari 2020, satu hari setelah tim Profesor Zhang Yongzhen mempublikasikan rangkaian genom pada platform terbuka.

emoticon-Wakaka emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Wakaka emoticon-Leh Uga emoticon-Wakaka
romanxe memberi reputasi
Diubah oleh suryahendro
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Awal outbreaknya dmn yg minta investigasi dmn emoticon-Leh Uga
sudah jelas amerika tak berani
karena asal usul corona memang di amerika
warga dunia saja sudah tahu lihat jumlah yg terjangkit corona di amerika terbesar nomor 1 di dunia ..

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