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Three Benefits of Red Tomatoes

Three Benefits of Red Tomatoes

Three Benefits of Red Tomatoes
  Vegetables and fruits have good benefits to your body. Do you know what arecontain of red tomatoes? Well, I am going to tell you in this essay. Red tomatoes contain of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, and also lycopene. They are good for your body. So, what are the benefits of red tomatoes? Here are three benefits of red tomatoes for healthy.

Red tomatoes are good for your facial skin. It helps to cure the acne that appear because of unhealthy skin and less vitamin A and vitamin C. Consume red tomatoes would supply enough vitamin A and vitamin C, that the acne would disappear. In addition, red tomatoes could use as acne potion. How to make? Slide the red tomato into two pieces and spread it on your facial skin. It is that easy. Red tomatoes have still more benefits.

Red tomatoes contain lycopene, good nutrition for your eyes. Lycopene protects ocular of damage causes of free radicals, because the lycopene neutralizes free radicals before oxidizes and damages the eyes disease. A study had showed on “Opthamology and Visual Science Investigation” in 2011, found that people with high lycopene has low risk of makula degeneration relate to the age. Then, another benefit of red tomatoes is good for you who are in diet program.

How could red tomatoes good for diet? One of healthy diet ways is consume red tomatoes. Red tomatoes contain lycopene that would make you full. It would make you to not consume meals too much, then your weight would not increase anymore. Your weight would decrease, because of consume red tomatoes decreases ghrelin level in the body. Ghrelin level increases appetite. If the ghrelin level decreases, it would decrease the appetite. Then, if the appetite decreases, it would decrease your weight.

Those are three benefits of red tomatoes. If you do not really like to consume red tomatoes immediately, you might make the juice. It is good for your healthy, but make sure the tomatoes are red-ripe tomatoes. If it is green-unripe tomatoes, it would be poison if you consume, according to bahasa article [i]9 buahdansayur yang berpotensiberbahaya.

How do you like your tomatoes?

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