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Diary Part 7

Jatinangor, March 23,2020       

Dear Diary...

Today I am not doing activity. For almost a week I just stayed at home. After the government told the whole community to stay at home and minimize the corona virus case. This virus is really very terrible. Only in a matter of days appeared in Indonesia, this virus spread very quickly.

Because of this corona virus, my family and I have to isolate and limit ourselves if we want to travel outside. My daily activities at home are just lying down, watching TV, watching movies, playing cell phones, karaoke, doing work if there is and sometimes also exercising. Very very boring, but I feel better. Because every day I can relax at home and do something I like and want. Really I really enjoy the holidays because of this corona virus. I feel like this holiday is extended hehehe ... sorry, I'm the lying people emoticon-Smilie 

I'm confused about what else to say because my activities at home are just like that. Oh yeah, the home activities that I like the most and take up too much time is that I love to cover songs. I think singing is a part of me. If not singing I feel sick hehehe emoticon-Big Grin

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