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          Eid al-Fitr is the moment most missed by Muslims around the world after one month of fasting. In Indonesia itself is identical with the habits that are only done at the time of Eid, namely going home or returning to the  hometown, new clothes, giving  moneyor THR, homecoming aims to those who live in the city can meet other family members.

          We celebrate Eid al-Fitr every year of Shawwal each year, which begins by paying zakat for those who are able. Usually paying zakat can be done before Eid al-Fitr prayer. And at night before Eid Al-Fitr Muslims carry out takbiran, and at the present time takbiran is also carried out not only in the mosque but can also go around using vehicles while beating drums.

       The typical food on Eid day are Ketupat,rendang, chicken opor and fried liver sauce. It seems incomplete if Eid there is no such food. And another tradition is new clothes. Usually small children are Eid identical with new clothes, but adults also like to buy new clothes to wear on celebration.

          One more custom at holidays is for money or THR.THR is usually given from people who are working or married, to family members who are not married and not working and to parents too. Do not forget that on that holy day everyone forgive one another.

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