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7th Diary

Dear diary

           A week has passed since the enactment of lockdown or physical distancing due to the outbreak of co-19, actually I'm happy too because I can work from home or WFH and of course I also don't have to leave my child in day care. Because we have to stay at home, avoid contact with others. So what my family and I do every day is to eat and sleep without any activities outside the house and it is very boring.

         But on the 30th I will have to go back to work again and what will make me confused is whether I should leave the child in a day care or take him to work with me. As a mother of course I want to make my children feel safe and comfortable and provide the best for them.

            I hope and of course all people in the world also have the same hope, hopefully this corona virus outbreak will soon pass so that we can all carry out our activities as usual without worrying about being infected. And soon the Muslims in the world will be fasting for a full month, and of course we also want to perform tarawih prayers in the mosque like in previous years and after that Eid al-Fitr with our tradition shaking hands hugging one another apologizing to one another.

May Allah grant our prayers, Aamiin Yaa Rabbal Alamiin........


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