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Cycling is one of sport activities which is safe to be done during Corona Virus pandemic as long as we obey the provisions. There are some provisions which must be obeyed by cyclist ( goweser ) to restrict spreading of virus, one of them is the suggestion to ride alone or usually called solo ride.
Minister of health of Germany Jens Spahn, Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio, ex governor of Californis Arnold Schwarzeneger, suggest people to ride. They argued that there are many usefulthings of this kind of sport. Firstly, cycling is valued as safe step to avert people from using of public transfortation. It aims to narrow down the spreading of virus. Secondly, Cycling is effective way to strengthen immune system, and mental health. This approach is being followed in other places where government suggests the people to ride more ( Chairment of excecutive British Cycling, Julie Harrington )
Below are suggestions of British Cycling, and Road CC, how to ride safely during Corona pandemic
1. Cycling alone, or with just one friend.
Solo ride is safest way of cycling during pandemic. Cycling alone is one way to protect us from potential contracting of virus.
2. Cycling with one friend, make two meters distance
If solo ride is not fun, please ask a friend to join and make two meters distance to reduce the opportunity of spreading virus.
3. Use one’s own bike
We have to use our own bike or tools to minimize risk of spreading of virus, because if we use someone else’s, we do not know the history of using the bike or tools.
4. Better ride in town
It is better to ride at surrounding or at the town
5. Do not gether together or hang out with too much bike
Cycling which is foolowed by gathering together is a complete packet. But is not good activity and we must minimize such activity during the Corona pandemic. It’s better if we go back home as soon as possible, and take a bath, and do activity at home.

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