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Monday, 23[sup]rd[/sup] of march 2020

Dear diary,
I went work again today, yesterday I also went to work because we still need to discuss about RAT. I really want to stay at home, work from home like the government says. And tomorrow I’ll go to office again for work, for the last time in this week. My father and I were really tired of this RAT because people want it to be held as fast as can, but we can’t because of the rules from government and because of corona virus. Also hope this virus can be vanish before Ramadhan.
When I was in home, I should do the task that the lecturer gave, and also task from office. After all of this, I thought it was better to go to campus more that did it in home. Even when we stayed at home, I really felt bored and tired because of all the task and no idea of doing nothing.
I felt really worried if I was outside. And I thought I became a clean-freak. I’d tell everyone in my home to washed their hand, took a bath with Dettol, changed their clothes when they came home, used mask when went outside, brought tissue, wet tissue and also brought hand sanitizer, lol.

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