Informasi! Baca info terupdate seputar virus corona di sini

diary 7

Monday 23 March 2020

As usual, I started my day by clean up the house and then breakfast with mom. At 11 noon there was no activity to do, so I decided to play the mobile legends game, around 2 hours I played the game. Then I went to my prayers dzuhur. At 4 pm I helped my mom to cook in the kitchen. At 7 pm, I play an online game together with my friends the mobile squad mobile legends (silver claw). We played five of them. Only a few games I stopped and finished college work with my friend and discussed the concept of infographic. But now I am looking for news. I found some news that made me very scared about the corona virus that was close to where I live, namely in the Linggar, Cangkuang, Jelegong. There are some ODP corona, which makes me very panicked compared to my younger brother because he seems to go and try to be banned. I told my mother about the corona virus that is already close to home. After my mother spoke with my brother finally my brother according to. Alhamdilullah because it was for the good too. After discussing the virus, I will continue to discuss the concepts that will make the task.

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