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Diary 7

Dear diary..
Monday, March 23, 2020 as usual I wake up, pray, and move as usual at home. Due to the covid-19 virus issue, the world of education ranging from kindergarten, elementary, junior high school to senior high school was closed for 2 weeks. Staying at home for as long as it's boring, I miss my friends, miss canteen food, miss campus wifi.

Although it is called a holiday, learning activities continue even if they are done online. of course campus assignments are also still given online.
Only this time I feel an uncomfortable vacation. Because with the rise of co-19 issues every time I open social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or news on TV, the news about the virus must be. Of course that makes me very worried, especially every day it is heard that the virus patient continues to grow.

What is most worrying is that the government's efforts to tell people not to leave the house or lockdown don't seem to be noticed. The proof is that there are people who even go on vacation or even a picnic outside the area. But I hope that this condition will end quickly, especially soon to enter the month of Ramadan. Aamiin

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