Informasi! Baca info terupdate seputar virus corona di sini

Diary 7

Today I feel bored because I am constantly at home, since the epidemic of the corona virus spreads, the government requires that all outside activities be stopped temporarily to avoid transmission of the virus. Inevitably the rules must be obeyed and everything about learning and lectures is done at home based online.

I miss the campus atmosphere, studying in class, and talking with my friends, now I can only stay at home to maintain health so as not to catch the virus. It's boring because I only do things in the same cycle, I want to feel free to breathe again out there,meet people but unfortunately the world is not good.

And I hope that everything will recover quickly and be healthy, the world will improve again so that everything and activities can be carried out again as usual. So that there are no activities that are delayed, everyone can work and move back even though they do not know how long, hopefully the world will get better soon.

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