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Diary 7

24th march 2020
Dear diary
Last Sunday all Muslims around the world celebrated isra Mi'raj. Isra Mi'raj is the second part of the journey prophet Muhammad SAW to the sky to met Allah SWT in just one night.
I felt happy when the month Rajab comes. Because according to the Islamic calendar, I was born this month. So when the Rajab month arrived I was fasting. I first learned the fasting Rajab when I was in grade 1st junior high school, because at that time I didn't know so I just fasted for 1 week. When I was fasting yesterday, I only fasted from the 1st until 10th Rajab. Even though I really want one month to fast but there was interference from a woman.
While to commarate the Isra Mi'raj in my village is very interesting for me, because at my place to commerate of the day the women made"nasi tumpeng",then prayed together, after that distributed the rice for citizens. Not only like that for children who study in madrasa, hold the reception of Isra Mi'raj by presented: drama,dances,and singing in Islamic themed.
When I was little until 5 years old I followed dances,and memorized short letter from the Qur'an. However when I was 15 years old I told a story about Isra Mi'raj. I got nervous because that was a first time I performed alone on the stage. Everyone noticed me, at that time I was afraid if I made a mistake finally I finished giving an explanation of Isra Mi'raj smoothly.

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