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diary 6

Monday, 16[sup]th[/sup] of March 2020
Dear diary,
Today is the first day when the government says to stay at home for 14 days. All schools are closed, some works from home but not for me and my dad, we still went to the office. Actually, I was free since that day because Praja didn’t go out and didn’t have certainly schedule until April, so I was free from work. My father insisted me to work because all the staff of coop Ipdn will hold a meeting to discuss about RAT. Since we haven’t done RAT this year because the place where we will hold RAT in Balairung always full of events so it's always postponed. Therefore, there is also an appeal not to do activities and being in crowd.
I went to work at 9.30 AM but the meeting not yet started, so I was waiting until 11 AM which the result was we will postponed again until an undetermined time. After that, I didn’t go home straight but need to meet my friend. We decided to take a photo before he went to his dormitory. After took a photo we went to the coffee shop to have some coffee. We really enjoy this day and will be ready to meet him next month.

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