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Nendah Sari Indriani
March,23 2020

Dear Diary..
Finally the college now is by online. Because the corona virus has increasingly spread in this world. We study at home and do online class. But I'm very lazy and not excited. I thought I'd better study and go to college. It might be better and not complicated. It is more fun to study with friends when there is something not understood that you can directly ask questions and also talk together.
I hope that case of this virus will subside soon. So we can carry out various activities normally as usual. Almost one week my family and I have not gone anywhere. I only go out when I go to a stall to buy food and other necessities.
just wake up, breakfast, take a shower, do my work, and go back to sleep. Sometimes all so boring. Now I watch television very often. Sometimes many TV shows are so boring. Besides that I watch movies on my laptop. Sometimes also playing games. Listening music, or chatting. And also go play to my close friend's house.
That's not a lot of activities that I did during this one week. I just isolate myself by staying at home. And maybe it could be the following days I did the same thing. Luckily I was always at home so I am so used to it now.

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