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Review Little Women

Review Little Women

Little Women is a drama-family movie released in December 2019 directed by Greta Gerwig, this movie is an adaptation of the Little Women novel by Louisa May Aclott published in 1869. This movie tells the life of March sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. The four of them fought and dreamed in all the limitations of their family and their nature as women. The theme of feminism in this film is quite thick but can be described simply but so elegantly by Greta Gerwig.
March sisters live in a Modest homes with Marmee (greeting for mothers) and their aunt. We can feel the warm and simple atmosphere of the March family when we start entering this movie.

The Little Women story itself is located in a small village in Massachusetts, United States in the 18th century. This movie has a forward and backward storyline that is very fun to watch. This plot back and forth is displayed nicely by Greta Gerwig, with the difference in tone in each plot that allows us to follow the story in this movie without confusion, although sometimes we have to be careful to distinguish where the story is present and flashback. Even so, Gerwig was able to package the story from Aclott's novel very well. Even though seven times this story has been adapted into a movie, Gerwig is able to bring an old story that is fresh and able to be enjoyed once again without getting bored.

Gerwig hooked Hollywood stars who are able to be the main attraction in this film, Saorsie Ronan, Timothee Chalmet and Ema Watson. They are popular Hollywood young stars and have outstanding acting. Gerwig has previously worked with Timothee Chalmet and Saorsie Ronan in the Lady Bird movie in 2017. The acting of each player here is very good and is able to make the characters they play come alive. Jo March, played by Saorsie Ronan, was able to become the center of the story with a feminist spirit and her ambition to become a female writer at that time. Acting Ronan was able to deliver her to be one of the nominations for Best Actress in the 2020 Oscar award. Acting supporting players in this film are equally impressive, call it Florence Pugh who plays Amy March who has a rebellious nature and is not afraid of anything, thanks to her acting, Pugh was able to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress at Oscar 2020.
Gerwig is able to make the actors in Little Women shine with their own acting and characters.

The music and cinematography arrangement in this movie is good to be enjoyed and is able to make the atmosphere in each scene come alive. Although Gerwig still carries some of the dialogue from the original novel which is an old dialogue, the players are able to pronounce it very well and not be rigid. Like one of Jo's emotionally charged dialogue characters when rejecting Laurie's (Timothee Chalmet) proposal, "I'd hate elegant society, and you'd hate my scribbling, and we would be unhappy, and wish we hadn't done it, and everything will be horrid.". This dialogue hits me with Ronan emotion!

Little Women is able to become one of the best films by Greta Gerwig, which presents a simple but beautiful and fun adaptation story. Another success of Gerwig's hard work is that this movie won the Best Costume at the 2020 Oscars.
From Little Women we are able to learn the meaning of struggle and sacrifice from the March sisters, their simplicity that can always help others despite limitations, and a warm sense of family, as warm as Marmee's love that makes them grow from sweet, ambitious girls to mature women who full of struggle.

Once again, Little Women movie will never get bored to watch over and over again, with simple and warm stories from the March family. Prepare your snack and a cup of tea to accompany you to follow the March Sisters story which lasts more than 2 hours, even though the duration is long enough, you will not realize it because Little Women is able to make you cry, smile and be proud of story from the March sister.

And i will put this great movie to join in my favorite movie. Salute for Little Women.

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