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Ragnarok 2 private server

Ragnarok private server

Ayo Agan2 Rame kan Ragnarok private server ane baru nemu nih masih dikit pemaennya baru 43orang
Base Information:
Rates: 25x/25x/10x
MvP & MiniBoss: 2x
Normal Cards: 0.10%
MvP & MiniBoss Cards: 0.01% (Disabled on WoE/BG/PvP areas)

Quest exp. rate: 10x
+ Added custom drop from MvP and Miniboss monsters

Max Level: 99/70 (Advanced classes)
Max Stats: 99
Max Aspd: 190

Instant Cast: 150 dex
Min. delay for skills: 0.2s (5 skills per second)

Episode: 13.2 - Encounter Against the Unknown + Partially 13.3
Mechanics: Pre-Renewal
Emulator: Based on eAmod eAthena. Stable and customized by our staff
Party exp. bonus: 20% per member
Max. party share range: 20 levels
Multiple windows: Allowed

Server timezone: Estonia/Tallinn

Main Town: Prontera

Main Language: English
Main chat: Enabled. #main (english only), #trade, and regional IRC channels

Installed Anti-Cheats:
Gepard Shield 2.0:
Nodelay protection (Game client side)

Encryption of traffic
Anti - Bots, WPE/RPE & DLL Injection

Nodelay protection (Fixed delays for skills/items on the server side)

Guild and WoE custom features:
Guild Members Cap: Standard
WoE Guild Members Cap:
24 players for main guild + 2 for MBR/MBK guild
Required register using @woereg command

Guild Alliance: Disabled
Godlike Items: Disabled
MBK on Allies: Enabled

MvP Cards on WoE: Disabled all items with MvP Cards and Ghostring, Deviling
Free Guild packs: Unavailable
Free Guild houses:
Free for all WoE Guilds with 10+ unique players.
Paid houses for the rest of guilds

Custom server features
Like & Share system
Get free items every day using Like & Share in Facebook

Guild houses system
Location for your guild. Abracabra is allowed. So many features, fast access and upgrades is available

Anonymous mode system
Changes your nickname and guild on anonymous (Anon#999).
Real nickname can be viewed only by GM Staff

MvP tombstone system: Enabled

Daily hunting quests: Take the quest every day and earn a reward

Rewrited! Restock system: Restock items from kafra storage with your configuration. (now faster and smarter)

Support Ticket system
Get help in the game or website through tickets.

Support is available in English, Russian and French languages.

Events: Regular Auto-Events + Manual Events by GMs

3rd Job Sprites: Changes sprite of your character or/and other players to 3rd Job (Only Visual Effect)

Colorized nicknames: 50+ custom colors for your nickname

Colorized auras: 30+ custom auras for your character

Custom headgears: 100+ kawaii items from iRO/jRO/kRO and private servers

Costume system: Convert your headgears to costume and back

Stylist: 693 color clothes, 127 hair colors, 80 hair styles for free

RCX Analogue: RCX functions integrated in the game client (@LGP)

Custom trading location: Very comfortable with lanes, and fast warp to merchant

Same-sex marriage: Allowed

NPC information
Warper: Free, including MvP locations

Healer/Buffer: Free, Heal + Agi/Bless

Job Master: Change your job class, get special skills, rent cart/peco/falcon for free

Build manager: Free stats/skills reset until level 86. Cheapest prices for reset on high levels. Save & Switch your builds

All-in-one Trader: Sell your items. Buy Consumables, Miscellaneous, Arrows/Ammunition, Weapons, Pet foods/accessories

Quest shop: Get a kawaii headgears

Global Exchanger: Coins <> CashPoints, 10 different cards to OCA
Unique banking system. With secure and hack-free

itu semua informasi nya gan
Sorry buat agan2 sebelum nya.. ane pun tertipu dengan judul nya pas kelar download!! ane mau apus ni Post gk tau gmana wkwkwk

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di edit dlu gih ragnarok online biasa kan bukan ragnarok online 2.
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bangkee ini bukan ragnarok online 2
wah ngaco, tertipu akan judul... emoticon-Cape d... (S)

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