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Aladdin (2019) Movie Review

Aladdin (2019) Movie Review

Aladdinis one of the most popular Disney animations in the 90s. When Disney planned to make Aladdin's live action, many did not accept the rejected plan. However, Disney cannot take advantage of the opportunity to provide a new film that is more memorable in the hearts of its viewers. One of the risks of reproducing films that were once famous in his time (for Aladdin, his fame is still felt today) is whether or not he can produce something that can rival his predecessor. Whether in terms of stories, characters, scenes delivered, or the message conveyed. Still relying on the same story as the 1992 version played by Robin Williams, Scott Weinger, and Linda Larkin, the 'human' edition of this film seems less bewitching. Even so, this film still presents a fun story to follow along with songs that are not inferior to the predetermined version.

One of the things that Disney managed to fix was the romance story of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine which remained impressive. The legendary story of a thief who is captivated by the beauty of a princess and is willing to make every way to be accepted by the princess's family is received neatly by Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud. Not so 'whole new world', but Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud were able to recreate the scene where Aladdin invited Princess Jasmine to walk around using a flying carpet. Enjoy the beauty of flying by singing Agraria while singing in the moonlight.

Turn animated films into challenging human characters. And Aladdin was not free from this problem. This film is indeed played by a real actor, but some parts are realized through CGI (Computer Graphic Images), such as Abu, the thief monkey and the Tiger belonging to Princess Jasmine. For live action films, the behavior still looks cartoon-style for the sake of producing comics in this film. There is a pretty tickling part of the musical input for this film. Indeed, the song 'Speechless' sung by Naomi Scott is very powerful, but incorporating it into a plot that is on a slight incline. Impressed like a music video in the middle of a film. It was awkward enough to usher the action of raising to the climax.

There is nothing new from the story presented. Just like the version announced, Aladdin spoke as a thief with his monkey in the kingdom of Agrabah who met Princess Jasmine. Receiving a lamp containing Jin that can grant requests, he also opposes the evil Prime Minister Jafar for the sake of the Princess. Still the same without change. But the change in character of Princess Jasmine is made stronger and has a purpose compared to the original version which is not too interesting to present a new nuance. Not only as Disney Princess waiting to be saved by Aladdin, Jasmine was able to rebel and show that women can also do something. It could even be said that his character was strong, Princess Jasmine herself was impressed with the character of Aladdin who seemed to lose identity. Aladdin, played by Mena Massoud, is indeed attractive as a thief with her acrobatic abilities. But Jasmine's storyline and background are stronger to get more sympathy throughout the story.

And one more thing, the selection of Will Smith as successor to Robin Williams as Genie did not go perfectly. Although he can make his own version of Genie, but Robin Williams's hallmark is still legendary and cannot be easily forgotten. For those who have experienced the appearance given by Robin Williams in the animated version, it will be difficult to accept Genie besides the veteran actor. While Will Smith with the hip hop version of Genie can be said to spend the appeal of the film Aladdin. Although his struggle to make this character has a new attraction thumbs up.

Imperfect production coupled with less integrated costumes. It is expected that Princess Jasmine will get a Disney Princess costume like a princess, otherwise there is no proper costume. Maybe Disney wants to make Aladdin have a more modern mode, but the opposite is more in line with the story's setting. Or does Disney's wardrobe want something different?

Alan Stewart as director of photography did not even focus on promoting acrobatic Aladdin. Aladdin was called the "Street Rat" who escaped from the guards because he was released. He jumped from house to house. Just canceled, the scene is captured well and only gives a dizzy picture. While the visual division becomes another problem in the film Aladdin. Where in some scenes the world of Agrabah Version is seen as "original" and the carpet is not as interesting as the animated version. Some parts can be edited to look like unfinished editing work.

Maybe if Aladdin's live action was made before the animated version, there would be less criticism of this film. But unfortunately, as part of the Disney and Robin Williams legacy of animation that is always remembered by the 80s and 90s generation, the second version will always be compared. Overall, Guy Ritchi is still able to present Aladdin's magical, though not as good as the animated version. But there are many shortcomings that can be seen in terms of stories that have not developed much to less impressive CGI. But for a Disney musical that puts on a fantastic display and a light but meaningful story, the live action film Aladdin is not too bad.

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