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"1917" Movie Review [EN] [Warning!!! Spoiler alert!!!]

"1917" Movie Review [EN] [Warning!!! Spoiler alert!!!]

“The untold story of World War I, that becomes a masterpiece by only 2 shot! Feel the almost dream-like sensation following by the hallucination story line! Very recommended for everyone! Greatest War Movie ever!”

1917” Movie Review

1917 becomes as the most successful of developing in serving war genre film on 2019. 1917 told about two soldiers ordered to deliver the message about the cancelation of attacking German army and save 1,600 British soldiers. Trap planned by German army would cause massive of death from British army that would jeopardize the position of British itself on the war. Starring by George MacKay as Lance Corporal William “Will” Schofields and Dean-Charles Chapman as Lance Corporal Thomas “Tom” Blake, they successfully bring their characters presented the loyal British soldiers that perfectly captured. The director, Sam Mendes cleverly bring the nuance of the war-era by its storyline and plot supported by the brilliant Cinematographer Roger Deakins.

Sets in the middle battlefield, British and Germany get terrible continuous war in the wide-land located in the Western Front in Nothern France. The story begin when the Germany pulls back their soldiers from the battlefield to the Hindenburg Land, British think they surrender on the battlefield so they send about 1,600 soldiers namely Devonshire Regiment led by Colonel Mackenzie. Unfortunately after that Regiment has sent to the Hindenburg Land, British notice that Germany plans new trap to eliminate the massive amount of British Soldiers. Know the condition General Erinmore decides to choose a Lance Corporal called Thomas Blake, which is his brother, Lieutenant Joseph Blake involves to the Regiment. Tom chose his best friend Lance Corporal William Schofields to deliver message about the pending expansion to the new German Front Line. Start form here, many dramatic scene and story covering the plot. The two best friends cross deathful Land known as No Man’s Land, Then enter the Germany trench that abandoned, underground barrack that almost kill Schofields until finally found the wide-greenland. The kindhearted of Tom Blake bring his own death when he tries to help the Germany pilot, he stabs by the pilot makes the Schofields has to continue the command by himself cross the enemy territory with the letter given to Tom Blake before, he has to face the German that almost bring his death, walk into darkness that lighted up by burned city and Germany flares, continue in danger when he encountered by German Army and decides to jump into the river, meet the 2nd Devons of D Company , Then he meets Mackenzie and the letter is accepted, then the war shuts down directly by Mackenzie. Next he finds Joseph Blake and told him that Tom was killed, everything is done by himself after the death of Thomas Blake.

The acting was amazing, full of talented stars in one screen. The acting bring the nuance of World War I becomes real even only from the screen, the shots, special effects, the make-up, and everything that involved in this movie is arranged and planned perfectly. The best movie ever produces with only finish on 6 months period of time. Precious land that chosen and prepared well. The shooting by depending the natural light of sun, and the beautiful detail of the equipment and stage placed on the outdoor.

The film is fully serves to us by providing many emotional scenes, bring our tense, and rolling our imagination into amazing sense. The successfully of playing the audience atmosphere makes this film into the best war film in 2019. Proved by winning several high-class awards, like won 3 Oscars award and other 108 wins and 168 nominations, this film is incredibly directed by talented movie director Sam Mendes. 1917 is a unique film which is conducted by minimum of music-beats, some official movie soundtracks is about a reciting and some kind of this genre. But in fact it finally can bring the awards of Oscar Winner in “Best Achievement in Sound Mixing”. The actor George MacKay also get many achievement because of it amazing and natural acting in the film, and deserve to become a winner in OFTA Film Award “Best Breakthrough Performance: Male” and Virtuoso Award also as Winner. The screenplay and cinematography of this film conducted by Roger Deakins also achieve many awards like Oscar Winner in “Best Achievement in Cinematography”, Bafta Film Award “Best Cinematography”, EDA Award “Best Cinematography”, and many achievements more. Then this movie completely gets Rating 8.4/10 from 233,006 voters in IMDB. Beautifully recorded and edited then make this film became the best film in the 2019 in the genre of war.

This film is much recommended to everyone who needs to feel the new nuance of film, new point of view of film, and feel the one-shot screenplay movie. Even for you who don’t like War-genre of film, it is sure you will enjoy the plot and the storyline following by great cinematography ever recorded. From me personally, this film deserve to get ratings 9/10 stars! Incredible

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