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This review to complete my middle exam of E-literary Reports and also this review is subjective from me as author. This review may contain some spoiler if you have never watch this movie yet, I suggest to you to don't and if you've watched the movie, let's discuss about the movie together.

If you an animation or action movie enthusiast or you're a marvel fans, this movie is recommend to you. I give this movie 9 from 10. Marvel never disappoint their fans who always waiting for their movie. I honestly impressed with this movie, this movie brings a good cinematography as marvel did before and also if you've watched all of Avengers this will be the best one. As the title "the endgame" this movie brings a totally war with almost of all Marvel's superheroes against thanos but the ending of this movie is a bit curious and will continue in the next series of Avengers.

3 hours will be faster when you watch this movie, the acting from the actors and the actress are the best one. You will enjoy the movie then forget that 3 hours have passed. Actors like Chris Evans, Robert Downey jr, Chris Hemsworth or Tom Holland will be impress you as audience. Almost every part in this movie is existing to watch even they cut down the comedy in this movie to add serious impression in this movie. This movie is emotional and heartbreaking. There is no doubt for the actors and actress in this movie that they are good actors and actress.

As a Marvel's movie, the visualitation of Avengers The Endgame never disappoint their audiences, that's why Jon Favreu and James Gun as a director put a lot of visual effect crew in credit title. The CGI effect is the best part to watch, as if we were in it. You'll feel satisfied when watch this movie because the CGI effects are perfect and also the combination with the sound of this movie will make you feel like you were in it with all avengers and fight against thanos.

This is a movie that must be watched, you'll never be disappointed after watched this movie. The war against Thanos is extremely great. The stone of infinity stone is badly, it causes massively disaster. One of the avengers will died because this war and one of them retired from avengers. You have to bring a tissue because it will be cause 'damage' to your eyes. And you will be understand the feeling when you lose someone in your life.

I'm sorry for any mistakes in this review or the part that I missed. pardon me and huge thanks to all of you. I love you 3000

Faiz Ikhwan M

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