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Woman licks freezer door handle at grocery to ‘protest’ coronavirus

Woman licks freezer door handle at grocery to ‘protest’ coronavirus

Woman licks freezer door handle at grocery to ‘protest’ coronavirus, Wisconsin cops say

A grocery shopper is accused of licking the door handle of a freezer as the manager was sanitizing the store.
The woman told police she was [color=var(--lc)]protesting the coronavirus, Newsweek reported.[/color]
The store manager at Festival Foods in Marshfield, Wisconsin, said he was [color=var(--lc)]sanitizing the freezer door handles and looked over at the woman, WAOW reported. The woman looked at him, then stuck out her tongue to lick the handle, the TV station reported.[/color]

The manager immediately cleaned the [color=var(--lc)]door handle and called the police to check on the woman, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun. The woman told police she licked the door handle to “protest” the coronavirus, according to the police report.[/color]

The police report doesn’t indicate her reasoning or logic for the protest — only that she hadn’t done this before.

The manager didn’t want to pursue legal action against the woman, but she turned “confrontational” and a no-trespassing order was issued, Newsweek reported.
Police told the woman that her actions were “uncalled for,” according to the news site.
She isn’t the first coronavirus licker to emerge during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Social media “influencer” Ava Louise took a [color=var(--lc)]TikTok video of herself licking the toilet seat in an airplane, reported. She called it the “coronavirus challenge.”[/color]



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