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Hundreds of Chinese migrants detained at US border amid coronavirus-tied travel ban

Hundreds of Chinese migrants detained at US border amid coronavirus-tied travel ban

Hundreds of Chinese migrants detained at US border amid coronavirus-tied travel ban

Since officials first reported the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan in late December and the United States imposed a travel ban for those entering from China, Border Patrol agents have detained 333 Chinese nationals attempting to enter the United States illegally, according to Department of Homeland Security data obtained by Fox News.

While none have tested positive for the virus, the southern border remains a primary focus of the Trump administration, which sees the area as high risk and a gateway for COVID-19 to spread in the U.S.

"We have a unique public health threat posed by individuals arriving unlawfully at the border, where migrants, law enforcement officials, frontline personnel, and the American public are put at risk," said a DHS official who asked to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak publicly by the agency.

Under MPP, which stands for the Migrant Protection Protocol, the U.S. has deported some 60,000 migrants to Mexico to await their deportation hearings. Unless the Supreme Court acts, the policy will be ruled illegal in California and Arizona and those individuals and other migrants claiming asylum will be allowed to remain in the U.S. indefinitely.

Hundreds of Chinese migrants detained at US border amid coronavirus-tied travel ban

"All it would take is a single infected individual to impact the detained migrant community within DHS facilities without proper precautions, which can only happen through orderly, lawful migration, the virus threatens to spread rapidly,” the official said. “Any halting of MPP would exacerbate this threat."

The U.S. southern border is a microcosm of the world, with foreign nationals from 122 separate countries apprehended or denied entry already this fiscal year -- from October through the end of February.

Seventy of those countries currently report confirmed COVID-19 cases,led by China but followed by Italy, Iran, India, Romania, Vietnam and Brazil.

The virus started popping up on health officials’ radar screens in late December in China and has since spread around the world. Some of the countries on the list have had very low rates of the virus, including Mexico.

Meanwhile, the number of cases in the U.S. has risen dramatically in recent days, topping 1,000. China has nearly 81,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, Italy has more than 10,000 and Iran has about 8,000.

Last week the Border Patrol asked the CDC to take over testing of those migrants who show symptoms consistent with COVID-19.  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement also runs 16 detention facilities with airborne infection isolation rooms. So far, it tested 4 migrants, all coming back negative.

"It's absolutely a risk that we're monitoring and we're evaluating," U.S. Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan told Fox News. "And if it shifts and we're asked to do more at the SW border, we're ready to operationalize that.”

Agents say the threat is threefold.

One, Border Patrol agents can't work from home or practice social distancing. Those who work in the field are exposed to human contact every day with dozens they have never met, often in poor physical shape, coughing and sneezing.

Hundreds of Chinese migrants detained at US border amid coronavirus-tied travel ban

Secondly, unlike legal immigration, where tourists and migrants arrive with a passport and travel history, migrants arriving illegally have no medical history and no travel manifest, allowing agents to determine what countries they visited and how long.

Frequently, those apprehended stayed in stash houses in Mexico with many others in the days ahead of crossing. None of those people know where the others came from or who they traveled with, whether sick people preceded them in the houses, who may have slept in that spot the night before, whether it was cleaned.

Finally, Border Patrol detention facilities are crowded, usually overflowing with migrants stuffed into pods for several days awaiting immigration hearings or transport to an airfield, community center or deportation to Mexico.

These detention centers are breeding ground for many types of communicable diseases: chickenpox, measles and the flu.

In May of last year, a detention center in Texas had to be isolated and shut down after nearly three dozen detainees became ill with the flu and a 16-year-old boy died.

In June, ICE reported 297 cases of the mumps in 39 detention facilities as the disease spread across several states.

As for COVID-19, last week DHS acting Secretary Chad F. Wolf told the House Homeland Committee: "The administration will continue to closely monitor the virus globally, as well as in our hemisphere, and will adjust our proactive measures as necessary."

Roughly, 1,000 migrants a day are caught attempting to enter illegally from Mexico, which has detected seven coronavirus cases. President Trump considered closing the border, but has since downplayed the idea, while still using the virus as a talking point to support his call for a wall.

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Hundreds of Chinese migrants detained at US border amid coronavirus-tied travel ban
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Nepal police arrest over 120 Chinese nationals

Nepali authorities said it was the biggest crackdown on crime committed by foreigners. Over the past year, hundreds of Chinese nationals have been arrested across Asia for involvement in cybercrime.

Hundreds of Chinese migrants detained at US border amid coronavirus-tied travel ban

Nepali police said on Tuesday that they had detained 122 Chinese nationals for suspected involvement in financial crimes.

"This is the first time that so many foreigners have been detained for suspected criminal activities," said Uttam Subedi, chief of police in Kathmandu.

Targeted operation

Police seized laptops and passports during the raids. The suspects were held in detention centers across the Nepali capital.

The Chinese are suspected of carrying out cybercrimes and hacking into ATMs. Nepali officials said Chinese authorities were notified of the raids and offered support in cracking down on criminal activity committed by its nationals.

Nepali police said the suspects, eight of whom were women, had entered the country on visas.

Hundreds of Chinese migrants detained at US border amid coronavirus-tied travel ban

Crackdown on crime

Asian countries have made greater inroads towards dismantling Chinese criminal networks, which often take the form of unlicensed gambling operations.

In October, more than 800 Chinese men were arrested in Mongolia during an anti-money-laundering investigation. One month prior, more than 600 Chinese nationals were arrested in the span of a week in the Philippines for involvement in online gambling and cybercrime.

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11 Chinese nationals caught hiding in furniture inside moving truck at San Ysidro border crossing

Hundreds of Chinese migrants detained at US border amid coronavirus-tied travel ban
KUNG FLU was found hiding inside a washing machine inside the back of a moving truck Saturday at the San Ysidro port of entry.

Agents arrested the driver and the 11 Chinese nationals were held pending criminal and immigration proceedings


Federal agents found 11 Chinese nationals hidden inside a moving truck filled with furniture — which acted as the hiding spots for those inside — when the vehicle was stopped at the San Ysidro border crossing this weekend, officials said.

Agents stopped the 42-year-old truck driver, a U.S. citizen, around 5:30 p.m. Saturday at the San Ysidro Port of Entry and held his truck for a secondary search, according to a statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.

Customs officers searched the truck and found 11 people hidden and crammed inside various pieces of furniture. Photos provided by Customs officials showed at least one person crouching inside a washing machine and another squeezed inside a wooden chest.

Hundreds of Chinese migrants detained at US border amid coronavirus-tied travel ban

Agents arrested the driver for attempted human smuggling, and the 11 Chinese citizens were held pending criminal and immigration proceedings, according to the statement.

"(Customs and Border Protection) cannot stress enough the dangers of smuggling people,” Pete Flores, director of field operations in San Diego for the federal agency, said in a statement.

“These are human beings that smugglers subject to inhumane conditions that could have deadly consequences,” Flores said. “Fortunately no one was seriously injured.”

Saturday’s smuggling incident occurred about a month after six Chinese nationals attempted to cross the border inside a moving truck on Nov. 7, but were found by federal agents at the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

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Hundreds of Chinese migrants detained at US border amid coronavirus-tied travel ban

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