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My country’s health care system may soon collapse.

My country’s health care system may soon collapse.

I’m a Doctor in Italy. We Have Never Seen Anything Like This.

I’m an anesthesiologist at the Policlinico San Donato here in Milan, which is part of the Lombardy region, the heart of the Italian coronavirus outbreak. On Feb. 21, the day on which the first case was recorded, our hospital, which specializes in cardiac surgery, offered to help with the care of patients with Covid-19. Along with other hospitals, we created a task force of intensive care doctors to be sent to hospitals in the “red zone.” 

But the increases in cases are astounding. As of Tuesday, nationwide, there were 31,506 cases, of which 2,941 recovered and 2,503 died. Lombardy, the region most affected, has 16,220 cases, with 1,640 dead, 879 in intensive care — 56 more than the day before — and 2,485 clinically cured. With these numbers, the country’s health care system may soon collapse.

We’re Heading Into the Abyss.

I’m a Doctor in Britain.

Will I have to tell someone we can’t treat a loved one because we’re out of ventilators, oxygen, tubes, masks, hospitals, staff? Will we then impose an age limit, as some hospitals in Italy are considering, or will some notion of “deservingness” come into play? 

I am not an epidemiologist. I do not pretend to know the right strategy. But if Britain experiences anything like what we’ve seen elsewhere, we’re on our way to tragedy. 

We already know that our counterparts in Italy, China and elsewhere  have given their lives to the vocation they chose. 

We deserve transparency. We demand honesty. Without that, I don’t know how many people will stick around after this is all over.

And right now, it feels like we’re heading into the abyss.

You may delay, but time will not. 
Never leave ’till tomorrow which you can do today. 
Lost time is never found again.
Time is Short ma friend

May their souls rest in peace .

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maybe the next week it will be me

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Meanwhile the government:
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Muncul koq gambarnyaemoticon-Big Grin
satu hal yg pasti... seluruh dunia pasti mencap orang keturunan chineese sebagai pembawa petaka
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italia bakal hancur.

ini menunjukkan kalau virus bisa menjadi bioweapon yang sangat berbahaya. yang bisa membuat spesies manusia punah.

ini karena virus bisa berkembang biak dan menyebar dengan laju eksponensial, tidak seperti bom atau nuklir.
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Oxygen ? Just walk, bike or use mass transport. Private car-jet, could make thing's worse right now. Let the nature heal, and let's see where are we going next ..
My country’s health care system may soon collapse.
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That's Italy, as you can see. That green's its not a forest. Oxygen ===> Metabolism in human body.
Secondly, without any forest the wind could travel so much without any "filters" and barriers.
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