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How does the charcoal production machine adapt to the development of the new era?

How does the charcoal production machine adapt to the development of the new era?

The newly developed multi-functional charcoal production machine developed by Shuliy Machinery After the crop straws are crushed, they are processed into high-temperature, high-pressure, and plasticized forming machines to form semi-finished raw materials for charcoal.

It has less investment and quick results. It is a good helper for you to get rich. Say it is a star product, then it must be different. First, the charcoal production machine does not need to add any binders and harmful chemicals. At the same time, it uses an advanced hot air drying system for better drying results. Then, when using the charcoal production equipment, it should be noted that the calorific value of the fuel rods produced by crop straw and sawdust is different. Generally speaking, the calorific value of straw fuel rods after carbonization is 1/4 less than that of sawdust fuel rods after carbonization, so straw fuel rods are not suitable for further deep processing-carbonization. But it is an ideal substitute for fuelwood and coal burning, especially suitable for heating pits in autumn and winter in northern areas, heating boilers, heating greenhouses or making ordinary living fuel.

The charcoal production function can turn wheat straw into a rare raw material and use it as a waste. This also provides a rare raw material for the production of the charcoal production machine. Because it is widely used in the production of raw materials, such as crop straw, woodcutting, and biological raw materials can be used to produce charcoal. . This just happens to make the best use of the waste straw. Doing more with less can not only create profits but also protect the environment and protect our natural resources.

The constantly changing market makes Shuliy Machinery do its best to continuously innovate. With the increasing demand of the market and users, Shuliy Machinery continues to explore and research on agricultural and forestry waste materials, improve the market's competitive environment and strive to do When it comes to innovative technologies, we boldly use our imagination and creativity, and practice them. We can achieve transcendence through adjustment, accumulate more rich experience in production research and development, and adapt to the technological development of the new era.

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