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Ornamental Plants : Care and Benefits

Ornamental Plants : Care and Benefits

Ornamental Plants : Care and Benefits, is the today’s topic on which I would like to Post an article.
Ornamental Plants are used to decorate the home and office.
We all wish that the atmosphere of our home is pleasurable, relaxed, pleasing to the eye and open to breathing.

You can bring nature closer to you with a little effort. Indoor decorative plants / ornamental plants are a good option.
Artificial decorations have adverse effects on health.
But Ornamental Plants plants always have favorable effects.
Benefits of having indoor ornamental plants
The house becomes vibrant and pleasant.
Purifies the environment.
Increases concentration.
Keeps the mood right.
Increases humidity.
It is helpful in getting rid of the disease quickly.
Reduces high blood pressure and anxiety.
Also reduces noise pollution.

Some Ornamental Plants used for decoration
Areca Palm Plant

Areca Palm is used extensively for decoration. Its leaves are dark green.
This plant should be watered daily. They grow well under very little care.
Its plants grow 5 to 10 inches every year. Average length is 5-7 feet. It is a disease-free plant.
Area of Decoration
Put the small plant pots on the table.
Keep the big plant pots close to the Sofa and Chairs.

Chinese Evergreen Plant

It is a very popular ornamental plants used in home and office decoration.
This plant gives oxygen, and also purifies the air.
Area of Decoration
This plant should be planted under shade.
Its growth is also good in room lighting.

Spider Plant

The spider plant looks very beautiful in the hanging basket. Its leaves are green, striped and long.
Spider plants require very little care. It also reduces air pollution.
Area of Decoration
This plant is very suitable for keeping in the bathroom.
It can also be placed on the table or in the corner of the house.

Chinese Elm Bonsai Plant

Chinese elm plant is used to decorate the house. Bonsai is a Japanese technique, which makes the plant dwarf.
Area of Decoration
This plant can be kept anywhere indoor or outdoor.
This plant should be kept in a ventilated place.

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