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Thinking hard when watching this movie will make you not sleepy but make you bored. Adapted from the novel Virginia Woolf titled The Mark on The Wall, “Tormented” produced by English Letters 2016 Departement in a IAIN Surakarta Directed by Abdul M.H.Faiz. This Movie tell about a newly married couple and has a new home in a village, where the woman named Diana was ordered by her husband to just stay at home and felt tortured just because reading a book everytime. Starring by Marwah as Diana, Reva Alvi as Dianto.
Set in the villege the story begins when Diana and Dianto are married then move to a new house for living together. After marriage Dianto went to work for his family, and Diana stay at home doing activities like other village women, until finally something disturbs Diana’s mind. After Diana talks wit women in her village Diana get any perspectives. After seeing the villagers unusual activities when they were holding a traditional event in the cemetery. She felt something strange and made her depressed. Diana tried to talk to husband, but she felt wrong with Dianto. Then she thought everyone was bad to her. She blamed everyone about she fears. Until one day he finally realized that everything in her mind was wrong, all good things are covered by bad thoughts.
The film is a bit confusing where the story details in the converstation are incomplete. Making the storyline difficult to understand makes the audience have to think when watching this film. On the other side the camera angle and view are very epic, with a smooth transtition that akes it comfortable in the eyes, but in term of contrast makes color unnatural. Fortunately the actor played very well to cover up disability.
You must think twice if you want to watch this movie when you’re bored.

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