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New Super High Rate Server : Grappler Ragnarok Online

New Super High Rate Server : Grappler Ragnarok Online

Looking for a new type of server?

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Full Download : Plug and Play! - dont forget to update your patcher.
Registration : Username_M or _F

Welcome to Grappler Ragnarok Server.
A place where everyone can come to enjoy the game!.
Grappler RO is private server with 10000x/10000x/Custom rates with all available jobs out there.
We have few custom features such as item enchant and enhance system.
many events to entertain everyone regardless of class.
With a very secured gepard 3.0 anti-cheat system to make sure that everyone's effort is equal and gained fairly.
Lastly, as a stable, up to date and long-term server.

Super High Rate Server!
• Max Base : 400 | Max Job : 120
• Max Stat : 350 | Aspd/Cast : 195/150
• 15k/15k/Custom
• 30% Normal Card | 10% Mini Boss Card | 1% MvP Card and Modified Rare Card 0.1% to 0.10%
• Full Renewal with Extended + Star Emperor and Soul Reaper Classes
• Modified Super Novice Classes Skills
• Skill Enabled Gold Room
• A lot of custom qoest
• Item Enchantment and Enhancement System
• +20 Max Refine

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