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6th Diary, SUNDAY BUSY

6th Diary, SUNDAY BUSY

Sunday , 15 – 03 – 2020
Dedi Kusnadi . 19568001 English Department – NR


On last Sunday, I and all of my work members prepared to welcome Ministry of Transportation delegations who will visit and inspect our new production area in our company.
The things that must be prepared were one set of New Promoted Product, Step by step production processes, Production Display, Information Banner, Neatness and cleanliness of the production area, and all of Healthy and safety tools, and many others. On this Sunday we did and finished many things , and that day could be as a Sunday busy.
The delegations will come to the company on 17 th March 2020, and My General Manager and crews will accompany, guide the delegations, and General Manager will also explain all the production processes.
At about 8 o’clock I came to the company, then I joint with all my work members, to do the preparation together. All of my work members worked hard and seriously, and at about 11 o’clock they still had unfinished things.
At 11.30, we all together took lunch, and have breaking time. After praying duhur, we continue doing the work until the time was off. All of us leaved the company, and went back to each own houses.
On my way home, I took a rest for several time at the center of Bandung which is usually called Alun Alun Bandung. There are so many chairs or wall where we can take a seat, and I took one to seat. Having a rest, I looked surrounding as long as Asia – Afrika Street. I saw many people having self photograph, talked one to each other, walked around, and many others activities.
At about 5 o’clock, I continue my way home, and I arrived at my house at 6 o’clock. Then I get a bath and did magrib prayer, and have a rest.

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