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Common failure maintenance methods of scrap iron baler

Common failure maintenance methods of scrap iron baler

    The scrap iron baler is one of the common baler products. Here are some common metal baler failures and maintenance methods:

    1.No automatic feeding

    The potentiometer that controls the length of the belt is on the zero line. The troubleshooting method and repair points: adjust the second knob from the left on the control panel, each scale length is about 1M, adjust clockwise, the longer the length of the belt, On the contrary, it is short. If it is at the zero line position, it will not come out.

    2.Wear incorrectly

    Exclusion method and repair points: Open the right door, and follow the "strapping process method" marked on the instruction manual, or the schematic diagram of the inside of the right door to wear the tape correctly.

    3. Foreign objects in the upper and lower extensions

    Removal method and repair points: The machine has been used for a long time, and the regular maintenance has not been removed in time. As a result, the machine is full of garbage and storage, and the belt is not smooth. Therefore, it must be cleaned and maintained regularly.

    4.Incorrect clearance of the feeding pulley

    Exclusion method and repair points: The gap between a pair of belt feeding rollers is very important for normal belt feeding. The clearance adjustment should be carefully adjusted according to the instructions. When the liquid feeding roller clearance is adjusted by 0.5-1mm more than the belt, Just fine.

    5. The PP belt used is too thick or too thin

    Exclusion methods and repair points: There are many manufacturers of PP belts, and the thickness is also inconsistent. It is best to use the PP belts sold by our company. If this is not possible, please carefully adjust the clearance of the rollers for sending and returning belts according to the instructions.

    6. The crossbar electromagnet is not working properly

    Exclusion method and repair points: The crossbar electromagnet does not work, and of course it cannot be taken out automatically. First, check whether the electromagnet line is disconnected, check whether it is displaced, burned out, or whether there is debris, and whether the bullet is free.

    7, LS5 microswitch failure

    Remedy and repair points: When the machine fails, it cannot be closed. Replace the microswitch.

    8. Part of the belt is broken

    Remedy and repair points: Check whether the feeding line between the LSS5 and the PC board is broken, soldered, and the PC board contact is intact.

    9, PC board burned out

    Remedy and repair points: Check whether the PC board fuse is blown.

    10, reducer failure

    Remedy and repair points: When returning to zero, the cam does not touch the LS5, and the highest point is up or down. At this time, the reducer is worn. Replace the reducer.

    The above are the common faults and maintenance methods of the scrap iron baler, I hope to help you.
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