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Configure SSL Certificate in Apache Web Server

Configure SSL Certificate in Apache Web Server

In this article we are going to discuss How to Configure SSL Certificate in Apache Web Server. SSL Stands for Secure Sockets Layer used for Websites to transfer data over internet or over network Securely. In today’s world Internet is became mandatory to perform any task such as Bank Transactions, Shopping, All kind Bill Payments and So on. To do all this task we need to Enter our Confidential Information like Credit/Debit Card Numbers, Bank Account Number, Username, Password and So on.

Because of SSL Certificate our Confidential Data able to transfer over internet in Encrypted Format So that no one can Hack and Understand and steal our data, Without SSL the data over internet will travel in a plain text format and any one can hack our data and can misuse it.

Follow the below Step to Configure SSL Certificate in Apache Web Server:
Preparation Before Apache SSL Configuration:
Before SSL Configuration for Apache VirtualHost we need to Install and Configure Apache Web Server and add a VirtualHost as a Example purpose. So Follow the below steps to do the same.
Install Apache Package by below command :

# yum -y install httpd

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