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5th Diary. SATURDAY 07-03-20

5th Diary. SATURDAY 07-03-20

Sunday , 08 – 03 – 2020
Dedi Kusnadi . 19568001 English Department – NR


SATURDAY 07-03-20
On Saturdays I usually go to campus by car, but last Saturday I went to campus by motorcycle, because may car is broken and it is now being repaired in workshop. I went to campus at six o’clock and arrived at 7.30.
Waiting my lecturer, I learned some topics at lobby of the campus. A few minutes later Mr. Adi came in to the lobby and then I and Mr. Adi made a discussion. The discussion was about daily activities. Then, both of us went to canteen to buy somethings to drink.
At about 9.30 a.m, I and Mr. Adi came in to the class to follow a subject that is presented by Mrs. Rahma. The subject is General Writing. Just two of us who followed the class. Mrs. Resti was sick, so she did not follow the class. Mrs. Irma and Mrs. Niara also did not followed the class, because they already followed the class a day before. At about 11.45, the class was finished. I and Mr. Adi leaved the campus, and went back to each own houses.
At the time, the weather was bright and rather hot, and the road was rather crowded and there were many traffic jams. I stopped at a little restaurant at Gede Bage street to have some meals and drinks, beause I was so hungry and thirsty. After having meals and drinks I continued my way home. I also stopped at Margahayu Raya Housing to meet my masseus. The masseus is Mr. Jaya. He is a very good masseus.
After having massage, I continued my way home. I arrived at my house at about 4 o’clock, then I took a bath, pray Asyar and took a rest. I felt very fresh and healthy, and I am ready to do other activities.

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