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4th Diary, RAINY DAY

4th Diary, RAINY DAY

Wednesday, 04 – 03 – 2020
Dedi Kusnadi 19568001 English Department – NR MA’SOME UNIVERSITY

Last Sunday, I woke up early in the morning. After praying Subuh, I prepared all the needed things for going cycling, such as cleaning my bicycle, checking the uniforms, tires, the gears set, the brake system, the pedals, the safety helmet, the shoes, the gloves, glasses, and also putting my wallet and my handphone in to the waist bag. I did not forget to bring a bottle of water that would be drunk while thirsty to protect our body from dehydration, Then I took breakfast.
At about six o’clock, I started cycling from my house, The destination of my cycling was usual destination, it is Taman Hutan Rakyat Juanda (TAHURA). TAHURA is a place located in the south of Bandung, many Goweser take this place as their cycling pavorite destination.
About one and halp hours later, I reached at Dago Terminal, It is about halp hour more cycling we can reach TAHURA, I wished I could reach TAHURA but it was just not possible because the rains falled down, so I stopped cycling and took a rest at a little Coffe shop. Many other Gowesers also stopped their cycling, took a rest and gather together. Waiting the rains, I and many Gowesers had have some drinks and some cakes, talked stories one to each other. The situation were very close and very happy , we forgot our daily problems at the time.
About an hour later, the rain stopped and the sky started bright, I continue cycling and go back to my house, as usual I drive my bicycle slowly down the road Car Free Day at Ir. Juanda Street, Cikapayang, Dr. Cipto, Pajajaran, Garuda, Sudirman, Cijerah , and reached my house at Cigondewah Kaler. After getting a rest, I took a bath and do other activities.
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1. All thr needed things > all the things that i needed
2. While thirsty > when I was thirsty
3. Pavorite > Favorite
4. Halp hours later > half hour later

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